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Every home is bound to undertake large projects occasionally- cleaning a garage or remodeling a kitchen or bathroom. Hiring a dumpster rental provides a safe and efficient way of handling waste. Lots of dumpster companies have developed over the years, hence the need to ensure you hire a reliable dumpster rental company to take care of your needs. Several factors come in handy when looking for an efficient dumpster rental as highlighted below.


The ideal place to look for a dumpster rental is within your area of residence. Working with a local company helps avoid the hassle that comes with finding all the information about the firm. Additionally, the companies are conversant with waste disposal and local recycling sites and keep up to tabs with materials listed to be hazardous to the community.


Philadelphia, Chester, and Wilmington Delaware residents, for example, should consider engaging Eagle Dumpster Rental Company as it provides the services in these communities. You also want to consider the location of the dumpster when loading it with waste. Avoid landscaped areas, corners and spaces blocked by other structures.

Correct Disposal Techniques

The company’s background should help you determine how it disposes of the waste material. While most of the waste is dumped in landfills and other waste disposal sites, the company should collaborate with a local recycling company for more appropriate disposal techniques. The company should also have adequate experience to help you choose a good type and size of dumpster for your project. You don’t want to overfill the dumpster as it may lead to legal problems.


California State Laws, for instance, prohibit dumpster companies from moving a dumpster if the contents protrude over the sides of the container. In other states, you are charged a penalty on an hourly rate for the excess material where the dumpster company is legally unable to carry the waste. Overfilled dumpsters also pose a danger to pedestrians and neighbors especially if the dumpster is located at the edge of a driveway.

Prompt Delivery and Pick-up

You don’t want to engage a company that shows up days after calling them. Of course for some projects, early planning is important but you also want a company that provides you with a dumpster within twenty-four hours. Be sure to confirm if they provide same day pick-up of full containers though you may need to make a call. Also, you should alert the company if you are disposing of large waste that will fill the dumpster more than once. It helps save time and the additional cost of hiring an extra dumpster.


The amount of waste you are planning to dispose of directly affects the overall cost. Dumpster rental companies used different methods to charge for their services; there are those who charge by weight while others charge by the amount of space the waste occupies. Be sure to compare the rates charged by the companies and settle for the most affordable.


The guide should help you hire a reliable and efficient dumpster rental company for your home projects. The secret is not to settle for the first company that offers low rate; consider all the elements discussed above. Also, early planning saves a great deal of disappointment that comes with last-minute plans.



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