Choosing The Right Worktop Material For Your Price Range

Whether you’re calling in specialists to take care of your kitchen remodelling or rolling up your sleeves and taking the work in your own hands, there are some key areas that need more consideration than others.

Your worktops are a major part of any remodel and could be considered one of the most used parts of the kitchen. Balancing the affordability of different materials, such as quartz or wood, and the style options available will help you whittle your way to the finest options that are right for you.

This guide on choosing the right worktop material for your price range will help you to make sure that you have considered the benefits and deficiencies of worktop materials, balancing durability and style with costs involved.


Choosing The Right Worktop Material For Your Price Range

Choosing The Right Worktop Material For Your Price Range

Granite is long lasting

The hub of any home is the kitchen. Its the busiest area of the house because, typically, we eat three meals a day and at least two will be prepared in that very room. Even if you are renovating to rent, you’ll need to focus on the kitchen as a sale area.

There are a lot of materials that you can use for your kitchen surfaces. Popular choices include

  • Granite,
  • Wood,
  • Linoleum,
  • Quartz,
  • and Marble.


Deciding on your material will be affected by your feelings towards the aesthetic of certain materials and, perhaps more significantly, the durability of your choice.

Granite, like quartz and marble is considered one of the most durable, low maintenance and long lasting worktop materials. The naturally compacted stones and minerals, used to make surfaces such as worktops, make granite heat and scratch resistant.

As a result of these benefits, granite, quartz and marble are more expensive. What you are buying with these options is longevity and a quality assured product. Plus, the superior look and low maintenance of granite means it will add value to your home.

Quartz and granite suppliers Modern Worktops say that ‘customers often come to us for a worktop that they can chop onto and will last a lifetime. Often they are upgrading from a basic linoleum surface in an older property.’

Even if you have to pay more initially, granite and quartz won’t have to be replaced nearly as often so you could save in the long term.


…but linoleum is cheaper

Linoleum is typically found in older or student housing. Any property where expense has been spared or where the upkeep of the home furnishings is not expected to be as high, you will likely find linoleum.

Properties where owners have invested in higher end materials for their worktops or bathroom fixtures can exponentially increasing their property’s value.

For those doing DIY worktop replacement, linoleum is the simplest solution. It is available in pre-set thickness sheets and can be attached and replaced relatively easily, even by the inexperienced.

The major downside of linoleum is its lack of heat resistance and susceptibility to damage. The surface can be burnt if hot dishes or pans are applied directly to it and it will degrade over the years, unlike more robust materials like granite.


Great looking wood requires maintenance

Wood is the third of the most popular worktop materials. Wood is classic and looks beautifully homely. It’s also a reliable and rustic material that can be treated to last longer.

Unlike linoleum, when wood becomes mark or damaged it can actually add character. Not all wood appears the same and no two surfaces will match completely. Wood won’t last as long as quartz or marble but it can last for a number of years with maintenance.

When you first purchase your treated wood surface, you will need to oil the wood worktop. For those crafting their own worktops, you will have to oil the wood at least twice to prevent bowing, before it can be fitted.

The cost of wood worktops ranges widely depending on if you want wood panelling or a solid, single piece of wood, such as an oak worktop


Base units need to support the weight of the worktop you choose

What some DIY and non-DIY remodellers alike may not consider when selecting their surface is the strength of the base units that it will sit on.

If you’re replacing the old worktop but not the units, you may want to consult your material supplier that your units are not too worn. With heavy materials such as marble and granite, the extra weight could cause the supporting units to collapse and that will cost you more in the long run.

For those who are completely remodelling their kitchens, including their cupboard units, you can select materials that will support your chosen worktop or vice versa.


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