Cold Room Storage

There are some things that are central and critical actually to our lives that we give little thought too. Cold room storage is one of those things

Are you wondering what cold room storage is?

I guess if you don’t work the kind of industry that uses it you may be a little confused. Let me enlighten you. It isn’t ALL to do with food though it is understandable that may be your first thought.


What are cold rooms actually used for?

Oh my goodness cold rooms are important for so many reasons that you probably have never considered.

  • A cold room can of course and is commonly used to house food stock such as fruit and vegetables. For farming and food manufacturers these rooms are essentials. Restaurants and hotels and of course supermarkets and other food and drink retailers will also find them essential.
  • I would never ever have thought of this but apparently, a common use for a cold room is in the IT industry. Why? Well, it works to keep large servers cool and running at their optimum level.
  • Cold rooms are also used to store medical supplies that need to be kept at a specific temperature and this can be vitally important to keeping the supplies functioning as they should
  • It goes without saying that funeral homes and morgues will need cold rooms too.

So many things that affect us require cold rooms don’t they – it is a huge industry and a really important one in regard to our health and wellbeing,

MTCSS  provide a wide range of cold storage equipment from cold rooms and walk-in freezers to industrial and refrigerated doors.


How does cold room storage work?

The controlled temperature inside the room acts in the same way as a traditional fridge or freezer and prevents the items from spoiling. It’s very simple and absolutely essentail. Temperatures are adapted to suit the kind of storage required.


Cold room doors

Cold room doors are critical to a cold room functioning well and appropriately for the intended service. There are several different types of doors  you can get:

  • Sliding Cold Room Door
  • Hinged Cold Room Door
  • Service Cold Room Door
  • Specialised Cold Room Door

and the insulation is really key  – you have to choose a thermally insulated door that is appropriate to the temperature of the room you are going to be cooling so expert fitting is absolutely crucial.


So yes cold room storage – something most of us never really consider but actually a very important thing to sustaining our wellbeing.


Cold room storage is a collaborative post – you might also like my post on storing apples


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