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family budgeting tips

Family Budgeting Tips for Saving Money – the basics

Sre you looking for family budgeting tips?

Budgeting is a concern for many parents, particularly as the family gets bigger and the kids get older and want to take part in more and more activities. Thankfully, there are loads of ways a family can save money, without having to make huge cut backs on the things they enjoy. Let’s take a look at some of the best money saving tips for families, to help you get your budget under control today.


Try Family Budgeting Apps

There’s an app for everything these days, and budgeting for family life is no exception. There are a few apps which work in a similar way to the traditional method of storing money in separate envelopes for different purposes. One example is Goodbudget, which allows you to divide your bank balance into virtual envelopes, and you can sync these with multiple devices, which is perfect for Mum and Dad to keep track of their finances together. Some apps even provide family budgeting tips, so you can learn something new every day!




Tips for Saving Money on Groceries


Groceries can become an expensive part of budgeting for a family of 4, particularly as the kids reach the teen phase and eat everything in sight! Of course, you can look in newspapers or online for vouchers and discounts, but there are other easy ways to reduce your weekly food bill too.

One of the best money saving tips when it comes to a trip to the supermarket is to write a shopping list before you go. It’s amazing how much we buy that we don’t actually need. Be sure to check the cupboards and fridge before heading to the shops, so you don’t buy something you already have plenty of at home. To take this a step further, try drafting a weekly meal planner. If you knew the total value of the amount of food wasted in a year, you would be shocked! It is estimated that the average British household throws away up to £400 worth of food per year. Creating a meal plan is a great way to reduce waste, and therefore save money.



Tips on Saving Money on Day to Day Expenses

Daily expenses can soon add up when you have kids. When they get to school-age you’ll have to think about their school uniform and supplies, as well as the cost of taking them to all their after-school clubs and activities. Car-sharing is a great way to save money in this area. If you have a friend with children at the same school as your kids, why not take turns at the school run and taking them to their sports clubs? Not only will you see a difference in the amount spent on petrol, you will also gain a little free time to relax!

When it comes to younger children, toys seem to take up a significant chunk of the family budget! Try checking out a car boot sale or charity shop where you can find some pre-loved toys and games in excellent condition for a fraction of the price. Shopping online is also more popular than ever, and surfing the web can help you find some great bargains when it comes to toys. For example, you can buy cheap toys at StarWalkKids Media or look on Gumtree to see what others in your area are selling.

Using comparison websites can help when it comes to family budgeting, saving customers a lot of money on expenses such as utility bills, television and internet packages and car insurance. Some households can save hundreds of pounds by making a simple switch, so it’s definitely worth taking a look at these sites.

There are also loads of money saving tips for families who love to have fun days out with the kids. Most areas have some great attractions which can be visited for free, or offer reduced or free entry on particular days of the year. Keep an eye out for vouchers in the newspaper – you might find a deal where you have to buy the newspaper for a few days to get free tickets to some of the best attractions in the UK! Similar offers can often be found on cereal boxes – often offering a free child entry per adult ticket purchased.



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Hopefully these family budgeting ideas have inspired you to make some minor changes in order to start saving up some money for a family holiday, or to simply make the wages stretch that little bit further. You don’t have to make huge, drastic cuts to notice a difference in your family finances.


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