Costa Cruises: The Best Cruises in the Mediterranean Sea

The Best Cruises in the Mediterranean Sea

For those who are planning for a cruise vacation, discover the best cruises in the Mediterranean that you can board on to.


Best Cruises in the Mediterranean

The Best Cruises in the Mediterranean Sea


The Best Cruises in the Mediterranean Sea

Around the shores of the Mediterranean Sea lie nations with great history and traditions – Spain, Italy, France, and so on. While there are a lot of ways to explore these great nations, nothing can beat the experience of boarding on a cruise ship, lazily lying on the deck chair and observing the overwhelming beauty of the sea and the cities engulfing the eyesight.

However, to make the most of the few days spent floating on the glorious Mediterranean Sea, you would have to pick the right cruise package with features and itineraries that suit your needs. So, let’s find out the best cruises in the Mediterranean offered by Costa Cruises below:


The Mediterranean from Barcelona

Spanning across 5 days and 4 nights, this particular itinerary departing from Barcelona offers the chance to explore the Mediterranean in a short, yet comfortable way. It includes day-out opportunities at the ports of Marseille and Genoa, offering the chance to explore these port cities with a great history. You would be boarding on the Costa Pacifica, a luxurious Costa cruise ship themed around music. If you prefer to spend a day enjoying the great city Marseilles, you can also choose to get on board from there at a later date.



The Mediterranean from Genoa

Departing on 23rd March 2020 from Genoa; the Costa Pacifica would welcome passengers on board for a 5-days long cruise in the Mediterranean Sea. Similar to the first cruise in our list of the best cruises in the Mediterranean, it is comprised of a stoppage at the great Catalonian capital Barcelona, and Marseilles before coming back to disembark at Genoa. It also includes a full-day sailing through the open sea on the second day, offering the chance to enjoy the Mediterranean at its full glory.


The Mediterranean from Savona

If you have a few more days to spare and would prefer to board on from an Italian port, this is the best itinerary to choose. The 8 days long cruise would welcome you on board of the Costa Smeralda cruise ship before departing on 21 March 2020. If you can’t make it on the March dates, you can also opt for the 25th April departure date. The itinerary includes sightseeing opportunities in cities like Marseilles, Barcelona, Palma De Mallorca, and Civitavecchia before disembarking at La Spezia.


The Mediterranean  from Venice

For someone planning to celebrate a special occasion with the loved ones, this not too long, not too short cruise offers the chance to do so under the Mediterranean light. Costa Victoria is scheduled to depart on 31 March 2020 for a 11-days long sea excursions from the ports of Venice. The itinerary includes stoppage at Bari, Argostoli, Crete, Santorini, Rhodes, Piraeus/ Athens, Kotor, and Split. Floating through the relatively narrow section of the Mediterranean and exploring the cities is romance at its best.


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