Define Frugal – What Frugal Means and How to be More Frugal

How do you define frugal?

It is different for all of us isn’t it depending on the money we have in the first place and how far we are prepared to go. To one of you going without a holiday may be a frugal choice for another of you it may be shopping on a £30 budget this week.


Define frugal

The dictionaries define frugal in a couple of ways

sparing or economical as regards money or food. (Oxford Dictionary)

careful to use only as much money, food, etc. as is necessary (Cambridge Dictionary)

The way I define frugal is more the second of these definitions I think, only spending what is necessary.

And I am frugal – most of the time.


Define Frugal


Five frugal things

This week I have learned some new frugal things. Just little nuggets to help – would you like to hear?

  1. Apples should be stored int he fridge away for other fruit. I’ve always put them with satsumas in a fruit bowl but they give off a gas apparently that spoils other fruit leading to waste. Interesting!
  2. Last year we spent a fortune dressing and travelling and staying overnight for a charity ball. To replace the charity ball last night we did a quiz with the charity on zoom on our sofas in our PJ’s. We donated the same but spent a lot less on stuff that really wasn’t aiding the charity. We had JUST as good a time. Who knew!
  3.  My daughter is 13 on Sunday and I wanted to throw her a big party. I’m shielding so this isn’t’ possible so I have been thinking of other ways to give her a special day. Her birthday now includes a film night, an overnight camp out, a socially distanced picnic with her pals, gran and grandpa for afternoon tea on the doorstep, cousin plus puppy visiting in the garden, an online party with games and a BBQ plus charades in the early evening. Not a bad birthday line up and cost-free! I’ve learned you can do special without expensive
  4. I learned soy melts are probably better value than candles and the scent lasts longer and they are cheaper.
  5. I also learned that picking the lavender from my garden to make playdough or juts pop around the home on bunches is juts a s lovely as having a bunch of flowers form the shop ( possibly lovelier)


Define Frugal?

Well for me it’s all about learning and applying lessons in living well for less, its about small choices, big choices, knowledge and mindset  Why don’t you have a think this week about how you define frugal and what it means to you.

  Do let me know in the comments below how you would define frugal and if your definition is similar or different to mine



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  1. June 12, 2020 / 11:02

    Frugal means making the best use of what you have. Even better to make your resources stretch to be of use to others too.
    Loving your frugal linkys.

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