Do you feel uncomfortable claiming for an injury at work?

Do you feel uncomfortable claiming for an injury at work? I know I have done

It makes me really sad that people are  so scared of being sued of wrong doing. I am a full believer in the maxim ‘accidents happen’ and dont’ think we should always be looking around for someone to blame or make money out of.

A good friend of mine once found a cigarette butt in the spout of her teapot in a service station (beyond disgusting) and she got £40 worth of vouchers and an apology. Pretty fair I thought though I wouldn’t have had a drink there again.


Do you feel uncomfortable claiming for an injury at work?

My mum on the other had had a fall on some water at an airport. It was a shiny floor and you couldn’t see it and they had not put one of those ‘mind the floor it’s wet’ signs out. Mum fell badly and really hurt herself. They sent some flowers.

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She never claimed.

She had problems with that leg and her hip for years and eventually was retired ‘disabled’ which really made her sad as she loved her job. A good course of intensive physio paid for by a claim may have really helped. Money to use in her early retirement again would have really helped. I do believe my mum should have made a personal injury claim.

At the time we did encourage her to speak to a solicitor and she got some over the phone advice to write and tell the airport what had happened. I put the fact she wasn’t further advised down to Solicitor negligence

Felling uncomfortable would have been a transitory thing. The impact of the fall was not.

My advise to anyone in similar circumstances would be to get good comprehensive advise and put uncomfortable feelings to one side.




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