Do you want to test products for free?

Do you want to test products for free?

I love freebies and I am not ashamed to say so! if I am in a supermarket and someone is handing out bits of cake to try or a little bowl of crisps i am always first in line.

Nothing is ever really ‘free though is it. not really, Mostly, somebody somewhere wants something back even if it isn’t money . How many times do you read the small print and think Oh that’s a shame.  For example:

FREE PIZZA (when you buy one costing £12.99)

I have often felt quite misled by apparent freebies. However….

I have just read a really great. article on product testing in UK looking at supermarkets, online product testing companies, at Boots and various other companies. Doesn’t this sound a fun thing to do. Basically you get sent  free stuff in return for you giving feedback. I do this a fair bit with reviews on the blog and I find it really interesting to see what is out there and whats new. I discovered a new range of cheese I adore doing this, a new clothes range and lots of new toys this way. It may be something you are interested in doing?

Sometimes there is a lot of work involved in feeding back so you have to make sure its worth your while but I think iis great fun.

The best thing I think I ever tested was a really expensive coffee machine. I  was proper heartbroken to return it and I hadn’t quite realised I had too. Do check out you know exactly what the terms and conditions are. The same company did however give me an icecream maker to keep! Oh, happy days .

Do you want to test products for free?




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