Driving with dogs: Top tips for keeping your pup safe in the car

Are you planning your next holiday and you want your dog to join in? Or have you and your family decided to go camping this year? We’ve gathered some of the best advice to always consider when travelling by car with your dog. Before you hit the roads, see our top tips below.


Driving with dogs: Top tips for keeping your pup safe in the car


  1. Break up the journey

After a few hours in the car, your dog is highly likely to be a bit bored and in need of a toilet break. Instead of stopping at a motorway service station, why not try to stop at a dog-friendly alternative instead? That way, you and your family can enjoy a scenic spot – and you’ll leave feeling relaxed and refreshed, not overwhelmed.

  1. Stay safe

Safety is paramount when you’re travelling with your pooch in the car. Although we can’t buckle up our dogs with a seat belt like human passengers, there are a few things you can do to help:

  • Restrain your dog

Dogs are much safer in the car when they’re kept in their own cosy space. Whether you choose a crate for your boot, a safety screen or a special car harness for your dog, there are several ways to restrain your pup comfortably.

  • Keep a good interior temperature

Dogs are quite prone to overheating in a hot car, so it’s important to keep things cool while you’re driving. Before your trip, it could be sensible to book an air con service to make sure it’s running smoothly for the journey.

  • Help your dog to relax

Dogs are influenced massively by how their owners are feeling, so it’s crucial not to be visibly stressed before you travel together. Before, during, and after you help your pup get into the car, make sure you’re giving them positive affirmation. However, make sure they’re not in an over-excited state before you leave, either.

  1. Check the traffic

If you’re just about to set off on a long drive with your dog, it’s important to check the current traffic conditions before you leave. Dogs need breaks when they’re travelling, so it’s not fair to be sat in a long tailback with your pup stuck in the car.

You can find live travel updates from Highways England online, but you should also hear about any nearby accidents or congestion through your local radio station or news outlet.

  1. Carry the essentials

If you’ve already been on a long journey with your dog, you might have an idea of how they cope in the car. However, it’s still a good plan to pack essential items for even the most experienced travellers.

Carry plenty of water, some snacks and food, cuddly blankets, and soft toys in the car, alongside cleaning supplies in case of any accidents. With all the right preparations in place, you’ll be confident and ready to go.


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