Easy & Healthy Halloween Snack Hacks

Shopitize, the cashback shopping app, has put together some simple, tasty, low-cost Halloween treats to make for the kids. These are just a brilliant way to have a great, fun, memorable Halloween without spending lots of money on something that only happens once a year.

I just love these ideas,  they are both inexpensive AND healthy, so the kids won’t be on a sugar rush!


Easy & Healthy Halloween Snack Ideas

  1. Miniature Edible Pumpkins – simply peel a small, juicy clementine, chop up some celery and place the celery stalk into the top of the clementine for a healthy pumpkin snack. (what a super cool idea!)
  2. Peanut Butter and Jelly Ghost Sandwiches – Spread a generous helping of peanut butter and jelly onto a slice of bread. Clamp the two slices together and cut out a ghost shape using free-hand or a ghost cookie cutter. Pop two raisins in for eyes and you have, one scary sandwich!
  3. Banana and Chocolate Ghosts – Cut a banana in half and peel the skin off.  Add in two chocolate drops as eyes for a sweet spooky treat.
  4. Bulging Bloodshot Eyeballs – Peel the wax off two Babybels and spread with strawberry and jam and two half olives for these creepy cheesy snacks.(disgusting!)
  5. Witches’ Broomsticks – Cut off a piece of cheese string and poke a twiglet into the bottom of the cheese. Slice the other end into thin flaps to create a fanned broom effect.

Aren’t they all just brilliant!

See just how speedy and simple they are too….



Healthy Halloween Snack Ideas


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If you are looking for some fun Halloween crafts to go alongside your snacks take a look here


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