How to collect money from a group

Today – How to collect money from a group

collect money from a group

How to collect money from a group of friends

Have you ever tried to collect money for group gifts from work colleagues of from friends? or how about for a trip to the theatre or a family holiday? It is in my opinion way easier said than done,

Chasing people for me is UNCOMFORTABLE! and it can be really frustrating too. But help really is at hand,

Why you might want to collect money

There are just so many reasons aren’t there?

Perhaps its a gift for your child’s’ class teacher, Maybe you are gathering in money for a family holiday? Perhaps you are collecting from your team workers for a pregnancy gift for a colleague. There can be a huge myriad of reasons why you might need to collect money from a group. can you think when you last had to do this and how you went about it?

Collect money from a group online for a gift

In response, has been created to take away the angst! It is a platform to collect money for group gifts and projects, has recently launched in the UK. proposes an easy and convenient way to pool money together into one online money pot to pay for gifts, trips, projects and events.


moneypot, How to collect money from a group

The problems with a  group money collection

I really love this idea because I know in the past collecting in monies and group money collection and these have been really problematic for me.  I recall trying to collect for someone’s leaving gift at work. Chasing people into the coffee room, hounding them with emails, trying to talk quietly and quickly when the recipient wasn’t around. Collecting money like this is hard work! Such hard work and  I even ended up having to put in more of my own. I hated the responsibility of holding the collection and the time taken organising it. I was so cross at those who messed me about too…any alternative that stops this ‘having to chase’ has to be a good thing!


Collect money from a group easily

With you can create a money pot for any upcoming celebration (birthday, leaving do, baby shower, wedding etc) you alternatively you can support your local community or charity – it’s really up to you how you’d like to use it.

As my children get older they often want a bigger group gift from the family rather than several smaller ones, so this would be a great time to collect online with

Such a simple but brilliant concept you would just send the link to the pot to everyone who would like to contribute. How fabulous is that.

It is simple to set up.



An easy way to collect money from a group

It’s just so easy to create, to track, and to share the link. Why don’t you consider giving it a try next time you need to do this

easy way to collect money from a group


So handy for Christmas, holidays, work collections, birthday gifts and so much more!  !It is free to set up this way to collect money form a group and spend the pot on partner sites and between 2.9- 4% bank charges if you want to send it over to your bank. Think of the work it will save

So, need to collect money from a group? – a tricky problem simply solved. You are most welcome – I love sharing brilliant money hacks with you – please do pass them on to people you  know they may help too – let us share the thrfty love

Don’t you just love that it is so easy and you can offer to co-ordinate with no more worries?



How to collect money from a group is a collaborative post – you might also like my post on fun ways to give money for Christmas





  1. November 16, 2016 / 22:59

    What a great idea. I too could use this for collections at work.

  2. December 15, 2016 / 10:37

    My pleasure to try your recommendation regarding this matter. Hope I can collect my desired amount.

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