Fun ways to give money for Christmas


fun ways to give money for Christmas, fun ways to give money


Fun ways to give money for Christmas

Are you looking for fun ways to give money for Christamas

Sometimes the best gift you can give to someone is extra money to help them handle the things they need. Sometimes you just don’t have time to get out and finish your shopping and cash is the best gift you can give to make your life easier. Either way, money is going to be appreciated but it can be a bit of a boring gift to give. These fun ideas are great creative ways to give money for Christmas.

Interesting and fun ways to give money for Christmas

A great way to give cash is with chocolate Place inside a giant candy cane full of Hershey’s kisses. Use cash to wrap around a choclate bar. Place in a mason jar full of holiday favorites. The possibilities are endless making choclate a great versatile way  give cash for Christmas. If you know your receivers favorites use that to make the gift more personal.


Hang it on the tree. Roll the money up and tie with a bow. This can have a ribbon strung through it to make a small ornament that you can hang on the tree. Place the cash in a small gift box or envelope and add a ribbon to attach to the tree. Clear plastic ornaments are a great place to slip money and some small treats then paint the outside and put the name of your gift receiver.


A fun way to give cash for Christmas is to use the money to create something fun with origami.

This creates something fun and unique that the person receiving your gift will remember for years to come. Try folding the bill as a ring and placing into an old ring box for a fun twist. Make a Christmas wreath or Christmas tree out of  paper money or a fun bit of Christmas cheer when looking for fun ways to give money for Christmas.

Hide it  – more fun ways to give money for Christmas!


You could hide the money inside a good book. There’s nothing like cuddling up with a good book to make a winter night great. Except maybe finding a bit of cash hidden in the book.

The coffee lover on your list would love a travel mug with cash hidden inside for a trip to their favorite coffee shop. For a cook tie a few bills to a new wooden spoon or spatula.

Buy a fun money puzzle box to make a great gift holder for cash Christmas gifts with a touch of fun. These boxes make great banks for use after they receive their gift.

Give the gift of a new piggy bank with money to get it started or for a little fun fill the piggy bank with pennies and place the bills you plan to give in the center.

Try stuffing the money inside a regular bit of winter apparel. Socks and gloves make popular gifts and finding money inside of them make them so much more fun. Stuff the cash inside before wrapping this usually boring gift.


I hope you have enjoyed these fun ways to give money for Christmas – it really can be an excellent gift idea


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