Eco Friendly Toy Ideas for Toddlers

As kids grow up today, it is inevitable that they will find themselves faced with fast-fashion and convenience focused products. We live in a society where the newest and trendiest items are given the most value and once the ‘next big thing’ comes along, the ‘old’ products are forgotten about and discarded. But we can’t keep living like this!


Eco Friendly Toy Ideas for Toddlers


What can I do?

It is up to us as parents and adult consumers, to make more responsible and environmentally friendly choices when it comes to buying gifts for our children. So as to teach them appreciation for the things that they have and by extension, the planet.

We are bombarded daily with climate change campaigns and sustainability movements that criticise overconsumption and consumer waste. It is very clear that we are at the point now where if we want to take care of our future generations then we must start making more eco-friendly choices. 


Conscious Gifting with Eco Friendly Toy Ideas for Toddlers

Conscious gifting is set to become a huge trend this season and beyond. It is a means for us to still show love and appreciation to our friends and family while lowering the environmental impact that comes with the manufacturing of thousands of plastic products that are typically given as gifts each year.

Conscious gifting describes the act of upcycling old items and gifting them on or if you are buying brand new products, ensuring they are made of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials that will last a long time and cause little to no permanent damage if eventually disposed of correctly.

Some toys like Lego, are passed down form generation to generation so these really do come under the banner of conscious gifting.


So, what is an eco-friendly toy?

Defining eco-friendliness is not an easy task, especially when it comes to toys. However, we can be sure that many of the plastic products that are frequently found in our toy shops are not by any means sustainable or environmentally friendly. 

In an attempt to define eco-friendly toys, this blog post focuses on toys that are manufactured with distinct consideration that the materials or processes that are used are eco-conscious. 

The following recommended items have middle of the road price points – but do keep in mind that being kind to the environment often costs that little bit extra!


Need Inspiration?

Eco-friendly toys are not hard to come by, you just need to know where to look! Here are some great examples of conscious gifts for little ones to inspire your environmentally friendly gift choices. These products are all ethically produced and are kind to the environment. They are great quality and look sleek and stylish without breaking the bank!

Eco Friendly Toy Ideas for Toddlers

Janod Small Magnetic Rocket | Small Smart

Eco-friendly toys don’t have to be dull! This rocket is made of Chinese Cherry wood and can be disassembled and reassembled to teach your child logical thinking and problem solving or can be simply used as a rocket toy to inspire creativity and imagination. It’s out of this world!


UDEAS Wooden Click Clack Track | Small Smart

Eco Friendly Toy Ideas for Toddlers

This track is built with quality wood and comes in a selection of colours making it the perfect gift for a toddler. This click clack track will keep your little one busy and teach them cause and effect in a fun and entertaining way.


Wee Gallery Bamboo Nesting | Small Smart

Eco Friendly Toy Ideas for Toddlers

These sweet nesting animals are sturdy and adaptable. They will help your little one learn problem solving and develop fine motor skills; and the most important part –  they’re made from eco-friendly bamboo!


Bonus Tip!

For the ultimate eco-friendly, waste free fun, turn the cardboard packaging into an awesome play fort or den for your kids to enjoy! Pair this with the toys above and you’re in for hours of environmentally friendly entertainment.


Final thoughts on Eco Friendly Toy Ideas for Toddlers

With Christmas right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll be getting your little ones this year. If you want them to grow up with a healthy environmental conscience, get the ball rolling with some of the eco-friendly toy ideas above! 


Make thoughtful purchases and give something meaningful and sustainable this year.


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