Exploring the Cost of French Doors – Materials, Size, and Optional Extras

French doors are a timeless and elegant addition to any home, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces while allowing an abundance of natural light to flood in.

When considering installing French doors, it’s important to understand the various factors that influence their cost. This includes materials, size, and optional extras.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into each of these aspects to provide a thorough understanding of the investment involved in incorporating French doors into your home.


Cost of French Doors



Wood remains a popular choice for French doors due to its classic appeal and natural beauty. Hardwoods like oak, mahogany, and cherry are durable options but can be on the pricier side.

Softwoods like pine are more affordable but may require more maintenance over time, which can add to the overall long-term cost of French doors. Wood can often chip and warp in harsher weather conditions, meaning your doors will likely need replacing and repairing more often than other materials.

On average, you can expect to pay around £1,100 on average, but this can increase based on the size of the doors and any additional extras you might want to attach to your timber French doors.



uPVc is a cost-effective alternative to wood, as it is low-maintenance, durable, and resistant to moisture and insects.

A uPVC French door is typically priced at £999 but can obviously go up depending on the size of your doors and if you add side or top panels to them.

While they may not offer the same level of customisation and aesthetic appeal as wood, they are a practical choice for those on a budget, as they are by far the cheapest material for French doors.

Although uPVC is more low maintenance than wooden French doors, they can also be prone to expanding and contracting in changing temperatures, which misshapes the doors and makes them less energy efficient.

This could mean that you aren’t saving as much money on your energy bills and need to repair or replace your French doors, adding to the cost of them.



Aluminium French doors are one of the most popular door types at the moment, mainly due to the security, durability and longevity that aluminium has compared to materials like timber and uPVC.

On average, the cost of aluminium French doors is about £1,300, making the initial cost more than other materials. Despite this initial high price, the security and resistance to warping and extreme weather conditions mean that they can actually save you more money in the long run.

Looking at the long-term costs is also very important when deciding what the most cost-effective option is, as aluminium’s durability will help you retain heat and save on your energy bills for much longer than other door options.



Composite French doors are also starting to become more common and popular now among homeowners, as they get all the benefits a composite front door gets, with the elegance and style of French doors.

Composite doors are  made from a range of different materials, including timber, glass reinforced polymer (GRP) and uPVC, taking benefits from each, and the fact there are layers of materials makes them very strong and secure.

The average cost of composite French doors is approximately £1,399, although this price can be uplifted if the doors are larger or have any add-ons.

Although composite French doors are the most expensive of the materials listed, their durability and energy efficiency mean they, similar to aluminium doors, can actually be more financially beneficial over the years you have them, in contrast to uPVC and wooden French doors.



The size of French doors significantly impacts their cost. Larger doors require more materials and labour, which translates to higher expenses.

Standard French doors range in width from 30 to 72 inches and around 79 to 81 inches tall, with different specifications changing the cost. The average cost for standard-sized French doors is as follows:


French Door Size Average Price
1200mm x 2100mm £999
1600mm x 2100mm £1,299
1800mm x 2100mm £1,399


Custom-sized French doors, which are designed to fit non-standard openings, can be considerably more expensive. These can cost anywhere over £2000, depending on the specific dimensions and customisation options.


Optional Extras

Glass Type

The type of glass used in French doors can have a significant impact on both aesthetics and energy efficiency. Options include standard clear glass, tempered glass for added safety, low-E glass, double and triple glazing for improved insulation, and decorative glass with various patterns or textures. It is really important to look at fire rated glass if you are looking for additional security. 

You can expect to pay between £35 and £190 for a specific type of glass, with the cost depending on the type chosen and how big your French doors are, especially if there are side or top panels attached.


Astragal/Georgian Bars

Astragal or Georgian bars are decorative extras that divide the glass panels on a French door, creating the look of smaller window panes.

This creates a heritage or Crittall style that is becoming more and more popular.

Adding astragals or Georgian bars to your French doors can cost around £150 per bar, although this can depend on how many are added to your doors and whether they are horizontal or vertical.



High-quality hardware not only enhances the functionality of French doors but also contributes to their overall aesthetic appeal. This includes handles, locks, hinges, and other accessories.

Prices for hardware can vary based on what hardware you want to add, with bigger equipment likely costing more.


Finishes and Stains

The finish or stain applied to wooden French doors can significantly affect their appearance and longevity.

High-quality finishes can add an extra £50-£70+, which is determined by how big the doors are, but they provide added protection against UV rays, moisture, and wear.


Installation Costs

Professional installation is crucial to ensure that French doors are properly fitted, sealed, and aligned. Installation costs vary depending on factors like location, complexity of the job, and any necessary structural modifications.

On average, expect to budget an additional £500-£600 for installation per set of French doors, but many installers include the installation fee in the overall cost.


French Door Prices – What to Consider

When considering the cost of French doors, it’s essential to weigh the benefits against the investment. Factors such as materials, size, and optional extras all contribute to the final price.

While the upfront expenses may seem significant, the long-term value and aesthetic appeal that French doors bring to a home make them a worthwhile investment for many homeowners.

Additionally, choosing high-quality materials and professional installation can ensure that your French doors provide years of enjoyment and functionality.


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