Finger painting Van Gogh’s sunflowers

We were challenged by Galt Toys to have a go at creating a mini masterpiece. The masterpiece was none other than Van Gogh’s wonderful sunflowers painting. Exciting times.

We printed off the line drawing of the painting form the Galt Toys website and got our fabulous finger paints at the ready (a complete bargain at £4.99)

I had a book on Vincent and told my daughter bits about him and showed her a few of his other major paintings so she got a sense of who he was and his style.



She was a little nervous of the finger paints initially. She is now 7 now and it has been a while since she used them. I suggested we do it together and actually it was liberating. You can’t be too careful or int he lines with finger paints and we got quite giddy with our splodging.


Whilst we were painting we decided to be a little brave and use some colours that perhaps Vincent hadn’t. This was great fun and felt like it injected more of us into the painting.


Lisis was rightly proud of her minimasterpiece and had learned a little about a fabulous artist in the process.



Crafting is such a great budget activity craft materials have a long life and once a child is interested it can be completely absorbing. Don’t forget t use whats in your recucling box too! Happy crafting.

Finger painting van gogh's sunflowers


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  1. August 14, 2014 / 12:55

    Having seem the real thing, I think you’ve done a fine job 😉

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