Firemizer Review -An easy wake to make a fire last longer and save 38% of your fuel costs

I am so pleased to be able to bring you this Firemizer Review

There is a mist in the air in the early morning. Cardigans are out, the leaves are turning and once or twice I’ve put the heating on.

Firemizer Review

Autumn is most definitely here.

And with it we find ways to combat the dark, dark nights and the edging cold.


I have to say though there is a lot to love about Autumn. Crunchy leaves and snuggly throws and winter boots, hot coffee, good books, blankets, thick cosy tights and bonfire night. And evenings in the garden with the guitar around a lovely fire in the fire pit.


That’s all pretty lovely!

Firemizer Review

We have been doing a Firemizer review. Firemizer is an award winning fuel saving device that optimises the performance of solid fuel fires and stoves.

How to use

Basically you  simply pop  FIREMIZER on the base of your fire stove or fire pit then build your wood or coal fire as usual on top of it, (you can cut it down to size or use more than one if required.)


Firemizer Review

It lasts for 6 weeks!


What does Firemizer do

Well what it doesn’t do is contain any chemicals which is brilliant! What it  does do is conduct heat evenly across the fire to ensure al the fuel is fully used. It also makes sure that no small particles  of fuel fall through the grate. And it also works by slowing the air flow to reduce the burn time of the fire.


How much fuel use does Firemizer reduce

It actually reduces fuel use by 38%  and it maximise the duration and efficiency of your fire. How cool is that?


Autumn evenings are special times



The benefits of firemizer

This could save you a lot of money and really increase your enjoyment. It is so disappointing when a fire goes out and you are just warming up.

I love simple ways to save money and this is a brilliant one.

Take a look at this video if you want more information on how it actually works

Happy autumn everyone, we hope you have enjoyed our Firemizer Review


Stay warm!






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