Free Things to Do in Sardinia

Today – Free Things to Do in Sardinia

Sardinia has the reputation of a glamorous Italian getaway, but even budget travellers will find plenty to see and do. Here are a few free things to get started with.

Free Things to Do in Sardinia


Free Things to Do in Sardinia


Hit the beach

The first thing to do in Sardinia also happens to be one of its biggest draws. Most visitors flock to Sardinia hoping to spend a good portion of time soaking up the Mediterranean sun on the island’s plentiful beaches. With over 1,000 kilometres of coastline, there are plenty of white and golden sandy beaches to explore. Whether you prefer beaches with a heaving social scene or your own little slice of island paradise, you’ll find somewhere to top up your tan free of charge.

Walk around Cagliari’s Old Town

Are you an art, architecture or history buff? Like seeing Florence, a visit to the Castello district in Cagliari is a must. A medieval wall encircles the district, and within these walls you’ll find cobble stoned streets and ruins dating back centuries. See highlights like the Jewish quarter, Viceroy Palace, and Lion’s Gate on your walking tour of this fascinating area. You may even spot local artisans hard at work in their workshops.

Visit a national park

Sardinia’s studded with natural parks, but one of the best is Molentargius – Salt Works Regional Nature Park. Positioned between Quartu Sant’Elena and Cagliari, the park covers over 1600 hectares of land and is one of the best places to spot the island’s staggering array of bird life. Pink flamingos are the most famous here. You’ll see hundreds of them as you stroll through the park’s grounds. However, there are also unusual species like the Swamp Chicken, various herons, and Kingfishers. Can’t get enough of bird life? Another great way to see sea birds is on the water. Discover everything about ferries from and to Sardinia here and you can combine travel with your hobby.

Attend a festival

Cultural celebrations take place in Sardinia throughout the calendar year, giving you the chance to view religious processions and colourful dances alike in the island’s towns and villages. One of the biggest is the celebration of Sant’Efisio, taking place on the 1st of May for a period of four days. Residents dress up in traditional clothing, often without shoes, to commemorate their Saint Efisio.

A visit to Sardinia doesn’t have to break the bank. By exploring its natural attractions and rich culture, you’ll be able to enjoy your holiday on a budget.


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