How to make real money from home

How to make real money from home – There are loads of ways to make money from home if you know how, so there is little wonder that a lot of people are turning to these methods to pick up a bit of extra cash. Trying to budget around bills and food shopping costs is becoming increasingly hard, so whether you are currently working or not, anything extra that can be picked up work wise is always a welcome addition.



How to make real money from home

When most people think of making money from home, they often think about paid surveys, or things with very little yield, but now, there are loads of ways to actually make real money from home.


Online trading

Online trading can sound like a daunting task. Many people invest through stockbrokers or financial advisers, but with internet trading companies like CMC markets , you can easily sign up and get started from home. To trade online, you can either start with a lump sum or invest every month through a direct debit. Once you start becoming used to your trades and monitoring them, you shouldn’t find it hard to start turning a profit. Many people use online trading websites or apps to supplement their income.



Even if you are no literary genius, you can still make some money by writing online. There are a lot of broker websites that clients will use to source content for their blogs or websites, where they give clear instructions. When you sign up to a website like Textbroker or Great Content, you will be given the opportunity to write a sample article. When you have done this you will get a sample article to write. Once you have done this, you will have a grade assigned to you, and you can then go on to select jobs within that grade. Some articles can pay up to £20, and the great thing about using sites like this is once a client likes you, they are able to request you personally to write them articles in the future. This also pays a little bit better, and you can also haggle with them to get a better rate per word. It may not sound like a lot, but you can easily boost your income up to £200 a week by doing this.


Take pictures – How to make real money from home

You don’t need to be a photographer to make real money online. There may be many pictures that are on your phone that you have just taken because they looked pretty at the time. Many bloggers and people sourcing content for websites will need pictures sourced without having any royalty issues. There are websites like fotalia that will let you upload your pictures and then set a price for them. Again, it is a great way to supplement your income on a small scale, but you can do this with other ways to make money online, and end up making quite a substantial amount.

How to make real money from home


Paid surveys

Paid surveys used to be quite low paid, so it is no wonder that people have become less enchanted with them over the past few years. A lot of websites have taken this on board, and you can now make money and also get discount from things for doing surveys or simply just completing searches in a search engine.


Sell your space

There are lots of websites now like Airbnb where you can literally sell some space in your house. You do not have to sell your space constantly, you can register with Airbnb and just rent out your place when you are away on holiday yourself, which is a pretty clever way to make some money from basically nothing. It isn’t just bedrooms and houses that you can make money from. if you live in a busy city, the parking spaces outside of your house can also make you money. You can advertise online, and you can charge up to £20 a day for some spaces, especially if they are near towns or local train stations. Many people incur massive parking charges and are now looking to save money on this by getting a parking space in a residential street. All you need to do is advertise online and tell people how close you are to local amenities.


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