How to create a garden paradise in the middle of the city

Garden in the city, if you are looking to create a garden in the city you need to make sure it works for you and your lifestyle. Hardy plants, tall grasses and minimal garden maintenance will all help

When you’re surrounded by concrete, traffic and noise all day long, there are few things better than getting home, shutting the door and relaxing in your very own garden.

 And with the recent heat wave reminding city dwellers of the value of their outside space, now is the perfect time to roll your sleeves up, get stuck in and create a garden paradise of your very own.

Add height

 The most successful inner city garden designs have the ability to make you feel like you’re in a real oasis and that the hustle and bustle of the city has simply ceased to exist. The easiest way to accomplish this is to add some height to your garden, blocking out the urban views and helping to reduce noise pollution.

 You can either do this by introducing some trees or tall shrubbery to your green space or by installing a trellis and growing a few climbing plants to create living walls.

Create a focal point

 No matter how big or small your city garden, creating a focal point will help to give it direction and create a cohesive design. A table and chairs or a bench will give you the space to relax and enjoy your garden or you could install a small water feature to add even more calm to your oasis.

Choose plants that will survive your lifestyle

 Having an outside space to relax in is fantastic but if you live a hectic lifestyle and don’t have time for pruning, watering and weeding then your garden retreat can quickly turn into an overgrown jungle.

 To combat this as much as possible try to choose plants that will survive for long periods of time between watering, won’t take over your flower bed too voraciously and will only require TLC every once and a while.

Make your garden work for you

 Many urban garden designs opt for a minimalist approach and though this can be very effective you can also make your garden productive by planting a few fruits and vegetables. Things like courgettes, tomatoes and lettuces don’t need much room, but will give you loads of satisfaction when it’s time for a harvest.

 City gardens offer fantastic opportunities to create imaginative and beautiful spaces right in the middle of a metropolis so whether you’ve got a window box or corner plot, now is the time to get gardening.

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