Good Cleaning Habits To Form When You Have Kids

Good Cleaning Habits To Form When You Have Kids is a Guest post

As any parent would agree, kids and mess go hand in hand. Whether they are indoors or outdoors, they will always find a way to create a child induced tornado of destruction.

As a mum or dad, it can take a lot of effort to keep the house looking perfect, so if you are anything like me, you won’t even bother most of the time! We tolerate stray toys and bits of paper over the kitchen table, but we do make sure to keep everything hygienic to keep us all healthy.

Good Cleaning Habits To Form When You Have Kids

If you want to implement these basic cleaning habits into your own family home, you might be interested in how we keep our house hygienic, if not especially tidy! Here are my top suggestions:


Vacuum pet hair

Dogs and cats can often leave indoor spaces feeling dirty and smelly, and that is without even thinking about the germs they pick up and deposit. Despite this, we would be lost without our beloved pets. So we try and keep hair to a minimum by using a special vacuum cleaner that is designed to collect it, as well as dander. That way we can rest assured that we won’t get covered in hair when we sit on the sofa, as well as minimising the nasty bugs.


Wipe down surfaces – good cleaning habits to form when you have kids

Our kitchen is the busiest room of our house, so this is probably the area that I put most effort into keeping clean. One of the best uses for kitchen disinfectant is to tackle the bacteria that build up out of sight. It is a common error to use one cloth for the dishes and the counters, but you could end up spreading bacteria around – especially those from raw meat.

You don’t want anyone to fall ill with a tummy bug or a rash, so regular disinfecting is a good idea.




Keep bathroom clean

Another area that can look dirty quite quickly is the bathroom. It’s hardly surprising when we have four kids in the house! We always put bleach in the toilet overnight to kill off any nasty germs, and we also make sure to eradicate mould from the shower and bath. As we live in an area of hard water, limescale is also a common problem for us. We try and soak the showerhead in white vinegar on occasion as this is a natural cleaner that actually works very well.

Do laundry regularly

I also think it is important to put the right amount of effort into the laundry. There are many adverts on TV telling consumers to turn their washing machines down to 30 degrees Celsius, but ensure you can do this with the powder or liquid you are using first. There are things such as towels, bed sheets and soiled clothing that should certainly be washed at a higher heat to kill off harmful bacteria. Get your kids to change their clothes after playing in the mud and put these in the wash quickly.




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