Pokemon Y Review

My 9 year old son is massively into Pokemon. He thinks they are just brilliant and he particularly loves watching them on TV or playing their games on his Nintendo 3ds.

He got very excited when I told him Pokémon Y (Nintendo 3DS) was on its way for review and he literally  hung around the letterbox till it did!

pokemon y

The Pokémon games are a series of role-playing games where you assume the role of a hero and set off on an exciting adventure with mysterious creatures called Pokémon! Beyond the exciting story, the series contains many social features, such as trading and battling with friends! 2 games have been released x and Y and apparently you make your choice between the two.

The creatures are rather fabulous . all different with different qualities. They are cute/interesting/appealing. Even my six year old daughter is quite smitten with Pokemon.

I have tried to get my son to give me sensible review but he gets so excited when he he tells me what he does in this game It gets a bit jumbled. Needless to say he REALLY likes it, says its very interesting, their are lots of new Pokemon and a whole new world to travel in

Apparently the idea is to become the best Pokemon trainer and this involves battles traveling and training new Pokemon.

Iy has been very well received here. It has had rave reviews on Amazon and everyone agrees there are potentially hundred s of play hour in this game. As my son is never allowed more than 45 minutes a fay (and not every day) this should last him a good while then!!!

I’m not  a gamer myself but my son tells me the graphics are top quality and its really interesting. he’s happy so I’m happy!

This costs £31.99 from Amazon and seems excellent value for money.





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