Grandparents save UK parents £16.4bn each year

Grandparents save UK parents a fortune! The amount of money saved by parents when grandparents look after the children is amazing and definitely on the rise.

When I was little I used to go to my Grandads house after school until mum finished work. I would go every day from 3 30 to 530 and I loved this special time. He fed us mars bars and taught me all about flowers and how to play scrabble and droughts and cards. He told me tales of the railway and taking ladies dancing. He taught me right from wrong and supervised my homework., He made me laugh more than anyone ever has. He would make me go the shop to buy his much loved chocolate lines. He would tell me how his horses had got on and if he had won that day They were precious days.

I work from home and am self employed and my children see their grandparents sporadically. They have arranged childcare (so I can work) from their grandparents one day a week in the holidays. This is very valuable to me.



Grandparents save UK parents

If you look below at this infographic from RIAS, you can see the huge rise in savings it is interesting to bear in mind this is just over a 5 year period too!


Grandparents and childcare


Thank goodness for grandparents and their generosioty, We would be poor indeed without them. In so many ways.


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