Green Can Clean


Do you think a bit like me that green products may struggle to really clean your dishesand that you need strong chemical detergents to do the job?

Well that is no longer a truism.

I was sent some new, improved Ecover washing up liquid this summer and  I have to tell you its good stuff.

The claims are impressive

Ecover’s new formulation washes up to 40% more plates* and contains 20% more plant-based content. With a 99.8% plant-based powerful clean,
Ecover now performs just as we as conventional cleaners, cutting throughgrease and grime to ensure your dishes, cutlery and glassware are sparkling. So, no more compromises between green and clean!

Have to say I will buy this in future. It totally does the job and its great for the planet (and kind to sensitive skin ) and competitively priced.Win win win win!

Green can clean.


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