How to revamp a child’s bedroom on a budget

Children go through so many stages at lightening speed in their early years and clothes, shoes, toys and their bedroom style seem to be very quickly outgrown,

You have to go with the flow with shoes and clothes  but you cannot be changing their bedroom decor every 5 minutes –  it would cost you just way too much time, effort and money.

I would  always recommend going with a classic look in the bedroom. I love this neutral sunny yellow updated with these brilliant fee wall decal stickers from  Room to Grow,

Room to grow are  furniture specialists for children’s bedrooms have recently released a lovely range of wall decal stickers to download from their website. best of all they are absolutely free to download and utterly gorgeous.

Room to grow have teamed up  with illustrators the Hungry Sandwich Club and Abbas Mushtaq to produce 4 exclusive sets of free wall decal stickers for you and the themes are


Woodland Friends

Under the Sea

Knights Tale


These are classic themes for kids.

Each set has a  range of images and you can choose the colour, amount of images and which actual images you want , within each set you wish to print. This enables you to make it entirely right for your child’ s room.

Room to Grow provide some recommendations where to get your decals printed and gives simple directions on how to install them.

It’s such an inexpensive, speedy and straightforward way to revamp a child’s bedroom on a budget and I love the timeless themes and lovely images. I am pretty sure most children under 8 would adore these.

Love a freebie!




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