Growing Veg

Growing veg was common place when I was a child. Lots of people I knew had allotments or garden filled with all sorts of veg that were looked after beautifully.We woudl share raround what we had grown and take little punnets of berries of a bg of apples with us when we visited each other.

Growing Veg


I spent many an hour in my grandads beautiful and well loved garden where he grew carrots and cabbages, onions and potatoes. I also adored being in his greenhouse where the tomatoes thrived and the strawberry grew, ripe and delicious. I remember the colours and the smells  and the earthiness of this and it always makes me smile.



Growing veg seems to occur less and less as people are so busy and yet we know more than ever now how good organic food is for us, free from pesticides. We also know how important fruit and vegetables are these days and  we are encouraged more and more to abstain from fast food and eat consciously and cleanly

We really should be moving more and more towards growing our own and making garden memories with our own children.

Do you agree? Do you grow your own?

The folk at First Tunnels have put together a short survey to find out more about growing your own. If you have a moment do pop over and fill it in and I will make sure I pop back to share the results with you.

You can find the survey here:


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