Hemp and cannabis seeds in the kitchen: the new food revolution!

Hemp plants and cannabis seeds can be used as valuable food in a good kitchen. They contain almost no THC and are therefore not intoxicating.

The cannabis plant itself is a very healthy thing and is becoming more and more popular today.

Edible hemp can now be purchased at almost any organic store, is organically grown and can be incorporated whole, ground or ground into many dishes, soups, or cakes.

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Millions convinced by edible hemp

The cannabis seed from which edible hemp is produced is a high-quality food that is equipped with very healthy ingredients.

So if you would like to eat a complete diet today, you can also do that with cannabis seeds and maintain your health with the valuable oils in hemp.

Edible hemp provides a high proportion of essential amino acids and has an oil content of 90% unsaturated fatty acids.

The most interesting fact about cannabis seeds is the fact that hemp has an almost ideal and balanced ratio of different fatty acids needed for human nutrition. It also contains the important gamma linoleic acid, which, like the other essential ingredients, is essential for many functions in the human body.

If you want to meet your daily requirement for these significant substances, you can eat 30-40 g of edible hemp seeds!

Edible hemp can be boiled, baked or sprouted and is delicious with its nutty taste! Roasting hemp seeds is also a very popular way to sprinkle them as a crunchy side dish on a salad or during the meal.


Who can eat cannabis seeds?

Hemp seeds without THC are undoubtedly a very healthy food, and more and more people want to eat them healthily. Cannabis seed flour and its products are made from edible hemp and are suitable for all age groups.

Interestingly, cannabis seed is recommended by doctors, especially for allergy sufferers. The hemp offered as food is free of allergens and comes from organic cultivation, which can be a suitable alternative for many people with diseases.

Athletes also benefit from edible hemp and cannabis seeds, with their high-quality ingredients!

An energ provider and food with many important vitamins, fatty acids and minerals, every athlete should pay attention to it! Due to the high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids, hemp also prevents the accumulation of fat.

In any case, edible hemp is a drug-free variety that is of interest to many, especially young people, as it meets the demands and demands of an entirely modern, health-conscious generation.


Cannabis seeds: non-intoxicating substances

Using hemp as a food ingredient often creates uncertainty, as some hemp ingredients have intoxicating effects, such as the substance tetrahydrocannabinol known as THC.

Some parts of the old varieties of hemp contain a very high percentage of THC, in the flowers of the natural plant, it can reach 20%.

Modern industrial hemp, which can be grown in the European Union using certified seeds, contains less than 0.2% of the active ingredient THC. There is no standardized upper limit value in foods for THC across Europe.

However, there are guide values ​​in France for the orientation of manufacturers and the monitoring of foods. The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment points out that these guide values ​​are very frequently exceeded, especially in food supplements containing hemp.

The other cannabinoids in industrial hemp are not psychoactive. This includes cannabidiol (CBD).

In medicine, the antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, antianxiety and anti-nausea effects of CBD are specifically exploited. Excess consumption of CBD triggers drowsiness and drowsiness in one in ten people. This material has found its way into certain product groups for everyday use for several years.

According to the latest studies, around 40% of all product innovations containing CBD belonged to the category of oils and around 9% of products containing CBD were chewing gum.


Cannabis seeds in a nutshell

Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) is one of the few plant species recognized and cultivated as a useful plant by mankind for thousands of years. Hemp has accompanied people in almost every climate.

Cannabis seeds are filled with high-quality oil, ideally composed of proteins, carbohydrates and all important minerals and trace elements, vitamins, chlorophylls and aromatic substances. Toxins and inhibitors, such as those found in cottonseed, rapeseed, or soybeans, are not found in hemp seeds.


Cannabis seeds contain:

  • all essential amino acids (essential and non-essential)
  • 2-4% gamma-linoleic acid for healthy blood values
  • most minerals (calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and many others)
  • digestive fibre
  • many vitamins (B vitamins, vitamin E, etc.)


Cannabis seeds for cooking are available at organic stores and now for collectable marijuana seed lovers, you can easily order cannabis seeds online at SensorySeeds.com.


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