Home Makeover on a Budget: The Kitchen

I would love a new kitchen.

Mine is long and thin and a funny shape, the floor is wonky, it needs decorating, the laminate despite only being a year old is separating and it is looking in need to some TLC.  Broadway Stoke Kitchen Cabinets are gorgeous and are just the kind of cabinets I would like to put in my kitchen.

Quick Fixes

We are on quite a budget for our kitchen makeover so I may just paint the cupboards we have a different colour. Maybe a pale lemon instead of cream to update the look? Alternately I could   just change the work top and go for something more stylish than veiny marble!

We could  even just  consider changing  the knob handles on the unit so they look new. I love these jade green kitchen knobs


Even new tea towels and oven gloves in a matching colour give a lift to a kitchen and are a VERY friendly budget option. I think these in lemon and grey are really stylish


Another way that I love to update a kitchen is to change the taps on your sink. These look so sleek and modern don’t they?


Source: kitchenlife.co.za via KitchenLIFE on Pinterest


So all in all there are many ways to makeover a kitchen on a budget you don’t have to replace the whole thing….a new cabinet, work top or various accessories can all make a difference.



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  1. February 17, 2013 / 20:58

    Oh becky, some very lovely ideas there, I LOVE those handles, I can just imagine those in your kitchen.

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