Home Makeover on a Budget: The Playroom Part 3

Sponsored by The Range

Well today the decorating was meant to be finished and I was going to show off pristine white walls to you and gorgeous new blinds. Sadly that’s not going to happen. We are in disarray.

It’s all gone a bit wrong.

Firstly our fridge broke irretrievably this week and I had to buy a new one so money for new blinds?…well it got spent. A basic cheap fridge is a very boring thing to spend your money on isn’t it 🙁

Secondly, and far worse, as the walls in the playroom were being painted a big area of previous paint came off to expose plaster…. no lining paper was there and it turn out there is some water leaking in from outside bricks. So now the bricks need sorting out (more money) and sadly we can’t paint this bit for weeks when its done so they dry out properly.  I feel really cross/frustrated.

Plus there was a bit of mould behind the bookcase and my husband use and mould spray on it and manged to get the spray in the plug and now no plugs work. So tonight we have an electrician coming AGGGHhh more money more time . My kitchen is a mess because all the playroom stuff is in it.

You can’t actually go in the playroom so all the kids stuff is out in the lounge and we both work from home.

My head is spinning and the house is really super untidy!


To avoid all getting down in the dumps shall I show you a couple of things we have chosen from our lovely sponsors The Range that are going in our completed room ?

I love this Pine Storage Ottamon and cannot wait for it to arrive it is going to be our fancy dress box! Its simple classic style will work perfectly in our playroom and hide all the chaos!

If you remember this room was in disarray so  we have really gone for it with storage and a few of these Aquarius storage boxes  in red will make it look a lot more streamline. I love the vibrant colour and the price, these are only £9.99.

The Range is such a diverse store you can pretty much get anything there, we also chose this lovely Opus rug (£41.99) which will give such a cosy feel to the floor in there.

 Storage and comfort are so important aren’t they and just like the fabulous Derry chair I showed you a few weeks ago  they are going to make this room look fabulous and be practical !

We will get through the decorating/brickwork saga!



  1. March 14, 2013 / 11:42

    Oh no! What a week.
    The makeover is going so well so far though so don’t give up, you’ll be back on track soon hopefully.

    (I must look up the storage ranges at the Range – toy and book storage for the boys especially is a must at the moment!).

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