2 top tips for Spring Cleaning

It’s nearly Spring. Are you thinking eggs, and Easter, ducklings and daisies?

Am I?

Well I wish I was.

Instead rather sadly  I’m thinking about a dyson vacuum , a bundle of new dusters and maybe purchasing a white grouting pen, tile polish a new mop and some rubber gloves.


Spring and cleaning are on my mind.

Oh the subject of spring cleaning keeps coming up.

I hear it talked about at the school gates, my husband has been muttering about it, shops are shouting about it and it’s all over the TV ads. Spring cleaning; clearing away and making it all fresh for the warmer months where the sunlight shows up the dust and the cobwebs and where dirt is just so much more visible. It has to be faced.

I certainly do not think for one minute that because I am the mummy this is my job. Oh no it will be all hands to the deck in this house and we will do one room a week for the next 6 weeks . Plenty of elbow crease and a good sorting out along the way. I may have to clean the kids rooms though without them as my son hold onto the very tattiest of beans and my daughter has so many scraps of paper (school registers she has created and the like) that they literally dominate her desk. Dust gatherers one and all.

My cupboards in the kitchen are the worst problem of all though. I tend to pile things in precariously balanced upon each other then struggle to get them out. It can be a disaster if you want a baking tray or cake tin or something that has not been used for a while. That’s going to be such a big job. I feel really yuck about approaching spring cleaning these cupboards but I have a plan.A very simple two pronged attack….

Loud music that I love and an egg timer.

Ideal Cleaning provide staff to clean a huge varieties of properties and I have to saty they could make my cleaning a whole lot easier!

The music should spur me on though to be quick and energetic.

Wish me luck!












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  1. March 17, 2013 / 21:30

    I’ve been tackling one thing every day, on top of my usual routine., for the last couple of weeks. Even something small like tidying the cutlery draw, it really starting to make a difference now. Though, I’ve some really big job, I’m not sure how to break down, I’m dreading the conservatory!!

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