How to Create a Cosy Ambience on a Budget

In these chilly months, it’s important to have a warm and comforting space for you and your family to relax in. It can be hard to find child-friendly items to decorate your space with, as nice belongings can often get ruined. So, we’ve composed a list of the main things to pay attention to when wanting to create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere:


Ambience on a Budget

Colour Schemes

Strategically choosing colours for your room is an easy way to change the vibe. Of course, light colours such as whites and beiges are a no-go when you have little ones. This might be frustrating for some cleaner interior styles, but for a cosy ambience, there is no need for easily stained colours!

Your best bets are navies, dark greens and earthy tones for a comforting and relaxing vibe but there are plenty of other palate ideas to explore too. You could buy accents in brighter colours but be wary of contradicting the calm aura.



Lighting has always been a budget-friendly way of completely altering the ambience in a specific space. There are three different layers of lighting, and ideally, you should incorporate all three if you want to fully structure your room.

Rather than splashing out on an expensive floor lamp, use accent lighting as a fabulous addition to your room. Gather clusters of sweet-smelling candles to create a cosy vibe. Festoon lights are another inexpensive yet effective use of lighting, as they are decorative as well as functional.

Making sure these lights have warm undertones is especially important if you’re looking to ensure a tranquil vibe, as harsh white lighting can cause the opposite.


Soft Furnishings

When you think of soft furnishings, your mind may go to fluffy and impractical items such as luxury cushions or blankets. However, when decorating a family home, these delicate additions aren’t always the best idea…

Yet for your hard floors, soft furnishings are still a necessity. Such a big and empty space needs to be cosied up with comfy items. We recommend second-hand rugs, bean bags and floor pillows to enhance a warmer atmosphere, and to make everything a little less harsh for little knees and elbows!



All family homes have plenty of clutter – and perhaps not enough space to deal with it efficiently. Having organised storage solutions is always useful when it comes to controlling kiddie clutter, and they can complement your décor ideas too.

Cosy interiors allow some leeway when it comes to extra items in a space, so storage boxes with colourful lids or wicker-like baskets are a cheap and cheerful way to keep things organised whilst still looking nice.

Try to keep surfaces as clear as possible, but if you want to cosy things up with family pictures or memorabilia, go ahead! After all, the end goal of this style is to reflect the lived-in nature of your home, so why not show off the memories you have made there?



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