How to deal with the delivery of damaged gifts

How to deal with the delivery of damaged gifts

With Black Friday, Cyber Monday just gone and Christmas on the way, most of us will be anxiously waiting for the postman to bring our bargains and presents. However, not everything always goes to plan, with 60% of us having experienced problems with deliveries. Let’s take a look at the different conditions that your presents might go through this Christmas and what to do if your items arrive damaged.

delivery of damaged gifts


What are your rights if items arrive damaged?

If items you have purchased arrive damaged, it is the seller’s responsibility to replace the damaged goods. Even if the damage is caused by a courier or third party, the seller is still responsible as your contract is solely with the retailer you purchased the item from.


According to Consumer Rights Act, if items arrive damaged, you have the right to a refund, repair or replacement.

What to do if your items arrive damaged

The first step to take if you receive damaged items is to contact the retailer, including details of the damage and pictures if possible. You should try to get a copy of any communications in writing, so consider submitting a complaint by email.


Most retailers should be happy to offer a refund or replacement, but don’t be misled if you are told to take up your complaint with the courier company. Only the retailer is responsible for your damaged goods.


You will likely be asked to return the damaged item, which you should do so promptly. Make sure to get proof of postage in case your parcel goes missing and ensure that the seller will provide reimbursement for any postage costs involved.

How to prevent items being damaged

If you’re sending gifts in the post this Christmas, there are a few easy steps you can take to make sure your items arrive in tip-top condition. Make sure to send your items in plenty of time, so they’re not caught up in the pre-Christmas rush and handled roughly. If you’re sending gadgets or delicate items, consider buying protective cases from the Case Farm, to save your items from knocks or harsh weather conditions. Opting for next day delivery services can also help to make sure that your item arrives on time and in good condition.


These simple tips should help to make sure that your Christmas goes off without a hitch and that all your presents arrive in tip-top condition.



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