How to double your money -1 in 10 chance!

How to double your money

Coinstar, the supermarket-based self-service coin counting service, is offering customers an average of a one in ten chance to double their money* when they cash in their coins at a Coinstar® machine with the Coinstar Christmas Bonus. So while the European economy continues to flounder, make sure your own savings get a little boost.

The promotion, which runs from 26th November to 24th December, lets customers unlock the value of their unused coins and gives each household the cash value of their transaction (minus an 8.9% commission) to help with all the present buying during December. Coinstar knows the average household has just over £27 in unused coins at home so they are here to help people get the most out of their money this Christmas.

Shoppers simply pour in their coins at their nearest Coinstar machine which counts at a rate of up to 600 coins per minute, before issuing their voucher. The Coinstar machines can be found in more than 1,700 leading supermarket locations across the country.

So if you are one of the 70% of the Great British population aged 16 or over who collects their spare change, head down to your nearest Coinstar machine for your chance to double your money!


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