How to get the best deal on International Money Transfers

Have you ever had to transfer money internationally?

I have a few times for various reasons and once or twice in rather a hurry. Once it was to a friend to purchase a gift on my behalf and once to a relative in distress. Both times I found a bit stressful as I wasn’t sure where to go for the best deal and I wasn’t quite sure what to do.

How to get the best deal on International Money Transfers

I have been told that money transfers can be expensive if you are using your local bank but I think naturally many of us go there out of ease and trust.

Over at you can explore other, better options for transferring your money than just using your local bank. They are on a mission to find the cheapest way of transferring money overseas. They do this by comparing some of the best international money transfer companies in the world. And you can rest safe in the knowledge that they only recommend fully-regulated, proven, client-friendly money transfer services.

Now doesn’t that sound reassuring!

It is a great comparison site, it clearly shows you the best deals for the amounts you wish to transfer.


So who would comparison site like this help?

Well it would certainly help people like me who need to send the occasional gift, or deal with the occasional overseas emergency but also a host of other prople for whom international money transfers are really important.


These other people include:

People who work abroad and send money back home to their families, many people do this and if they are sending the money home though Western Union or a bank this will cost them a lot on fees every month. It is really important they rise a service provider where these fees are at a minimum or there are no fees, as otherwise money is wasted each and every month.

For people who are buying properties abroad the amount that could be lost on paying large transfer fees is potentially huge – they need the best currency rate and the smallest fees possible.

Some small companies that have workers from other countries and need to send pay checks every month really cannot afford to be losing money on transfer fees.


So how do they decide which are the best companies for you to deal with?

Well they do this by carefully reviewing their trading history and currency offerings. They also test their online platform and mobile apps, and speak directly to their expert dealers. Basically they do all the hard work and all the research for you, Some of the rates presented on their site are exclusive to users of the website so it really is well worth a visit.

There is even a guide for online sellers and lots of great resources and advice for all sections of the community who use international money transfers. What a fabulous find!

This is the place to be if you have a money transfer to make and want to get the best deal.So don’t just automatically use your bank there really are better, quicker, faster and more tailored solutions to sending your international money transfers.



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