How to Save Money Planning an African Safari for Your Family

Save Money Planning an African Safari


Imagine your child’s face the first time they see a baby elephant in the wild. There are few experiences as thrilling and awe-inspiring as an African safari. However, a quick internet search can come up with exorbitant prices far from reach for most families.

We will show you how to save money planning an African safari for your family. With a few tips, you might find yourself planning the trip of a lifetime before you know it.


Go Local

Large international tour operators have large marketing budgets to ensure their brand name is top of mind. However, those costs trickle down to you as a consumer. If you want to save money, try to go local when booking an African safari.

A local travel agent or tour operator has expert, on the ground knowledge and can better advise on the pros and cons of different types of trips. In addition, you can ensure that your money stays within the destination where it can make the most significant economic impact.


Go During the Off-Season

Prices during peak season can skyrocket at many of the national parks in Africa, and one can find themselves paying up to double the off-season rate. Our recommendation is to chat to your travel agent about off-season specials when safari camps might be less busy and more accommodating for toddler trips. You can then stretch your budget for staying longer without feeling like you need to pack in activities every moment.


Try Camping

You may get a few sideways glances when you mention taking your little ones camping in the wilds of Africa. However, glamping is a massive industry in many African national parks, where guides are excellent at accommodating the needs of children. You will get the same wildlife and safari experiences camping as in a five-star safari lodge but at a fraction of the price.


Join Others

Instead of booking a private safari, consider joining a scheduled departure with other guests. Prices for these guaranteed departure dates are typically much cheaper than for a tailor-made safari, and meeting new people is a wonderful component of traveling abroad.


Limit Your Days on Safari

When planning a trip to Africa with your family, you will quickly notice that days on safari increase the cost of your itinerary significantly. In addition, safaris typically entail very early mornings and long days sitting in open vehicles. It is a fantastic experience; however, kids can swiftly become tired and irritable. We recommend limiting the number of safari days included in your itinerary.


Include Multiple Destinations

A family holiday in Africa entails at least one long-haul flight for most people. We recommend including two regional destinations on the same trip. If you are traveling with children, destinations such as Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and Zambia or Swakopmund in Namibia are excellent starting points.


There is a wide variety of family-friendly options of where to stay in Victoria Falls. You can then choose to add on a safari in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe, or in neighboring Chobe National Park, Botswana. Alternatively, Swakopmund has numerous activities to keep kids of all ages entertained, including:

  • Sandboarding
  • Quad biking
  • Fishing
  • Skydiving
  • Pelican and Seal Tours


By following our cost-cutting measures, you can more easily add an African safari to your family’s travel bucket list. We are confident that you’ll create brilliant memories and invite your children’s lust for adventure.



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