Travelling with little ones is easier than you think! 4 tips to make your holiday travel easier

Today – 4 tips to make your holiday travel easier – let’s take a look 

You’ve saved and saved and waited and waited and now – if you squint – you can see your family holiday is finally visible on the horizon. It’s an exciting time of year, with so much to plan, to pack and to remember. However, did you know that many parents absolutely dread the prospect of travelling with their children?

It’s true – with a high percentage of adults feeling that their holiday doesn’t begin until they’ve finally reached their destination, it’s sad to think that so many of us dread packing up the suitcase and starting the car. So, with all this in mind, I’ve come up with 4 tips to make your holiday travel a little easier and more bearable for everyone!

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tips to make your holiday travel easier


4 tips to make your holiday travel easier


Keep them entertained

Keep the little ones busy and occupied and you’ve won half the battle! Before I travel I like to print off some colouring and activity pages from the internet – check out for the latest ink prices – and set them up with some colouring pencils and crayons. It’ll keep them super busy and hopefully they’ll take turns using the colours. I even find that a note pad and a pencil is enough to keep them busy. Ask them to draw what they can see out of the window, or what they’re looking forward to the most on the holiday. They’ll give you plenty of creative answers! Here os a lovely list of toys you could take when flying with a toddler


Keep their minds occupied

I’m always disappointed that I find it quite difficult to read whilst travelling – I just feel nauseous! If your child is of a similar disposition or they’re a little too young to read independently then why not opt for an audio book instead? Get the kids to choose a short story each and then you can play them at various parts of the journey. You’ll be amazed at how quiet the car goes when the narrator starts to speak.


Keep those tummy rumbles at bay

There’s nothing worse than a little one with a big tummy rumble! So, it’s important to keep those hunger pangs at bay. I prefer to let the kids help me pack them a lunch to take with them on the journey. Fill it with sandwiches (they can help make), crisps, yoghurts, fruit and maybe something sweet for good behaviour. In addition, I also have an emergency snack pack which consists of things like cereal bars, fruit, crackers, biscuits and of course plenty of water.


Keep stress at bay

Install necessary travel apps like flight tracker, weather and navigation apps on your phone before you start your journey. These apps are really useful with stress free travel planning.


Keep them busy

Don’t be afraid of technology. Remember, you’re on holiday so most of your normal rules will probably be a bit more relaxed. I usually allow them free rein (towards the end of the journey) and let them play on smart devices for a while. Whether they’re playing games or even watching a movie together, it’ll keep them quiet and content while you’re stuck in traffic. Just make sure they know that this is very much a treat and you’re trusting them to be sensible.

You might even want to try a scooter suitcase?

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