How to shop at Waitrose on a budget

So lots of advice for thrifty shopping would point you towards the cheaper supermarkets wouldn’t it. And that’s not bad advice if you aren’t bothered about your food being delivered. But many of us need our food delivering due to time constraints or having young children  or disability or lack of a vehicle, so what do we do then?

Online shops are a brilliant solution for many people. But online shopping can incur delivery costs and the cheaper supermarkets don’t offer the option. So how do we keep costs down  whilst we shop online?

Well it is possible to have ‘posh shop’ and get it delivered whilst on a budget.  Discount codes for Waitrose can knock you up to £30 off your first visit and you can continue getting discounts for your first five visits. How useful is that!

Shopping in Waitrose has many perks; the food is always fresh and fabulous and the delivery service is really top notch. Waitrose source ethical produce and buy British where possible and have some lovely exclusive ranges. I know you will be impressed with the food.

We all tend to be  a bit loyal to supermarkets don’t we? A bit like we are with banks actually. But there is no reason why we shouldn’t shop around and take advantage of great discount vouchers when and where we can.


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