Is it worth investing in our children’s education?

Our experience or in investing in our children’s education

Have you ever wondered if it is worth investing in children’s education?

Well this has certainly been a question we have faced over recent years. 

 My son stayed on at school for sixth form and  chose 4 A levels to pursue. A few months in he dropped one and decided he would really like to study Latin at A level  instead – a course his school didn’t offer.

 We looked at other local colleges and schools but could not find anything that met his needs. 

 We had to make a decision..were we prepared to/able to afford for him to pursue this privately? Wherever possible we have always aspired to back their dreams and encourage their interests

I have saved towards my son’s education for a while but I didn’t think I would dip in the pot till he actually  went to university, but there was money there in case.

We decided to support him pursue the A level and began to look for affordable online tutoring   We found the most amazing guy and he has been a brilliant tutor. It has worked out so well for him, well for all of us actually  and we have never looked back.

 investing in our children's education


Where to find an online tutor?

When you begin to look for an online tutor do take a look at GoStudent  a digital learning platform for online education and  private lessons. It actually operates in 22 markets around the world.

Isn’t that simply amazing? Investing in a child’s education is clearly a universal need and  a huge one!  You can find online tuition  for all school subjects and more than 750,000 private lessons are organized every month via GoStudent. They currently have around 11,000 tutors so you will definitely find the right tutor for your child on a platform like this.


Who is online tuition for?

I have a friend whose child had gotten lost in Maths at school and with the help of some lessons from an online tutor got back on track. I have another friend whose child just was not excelling at English and yet it was her dream to study it at uni and online tuition just gave her that boost.  All sorts of tutoring options are available 


Primary school tutoring

Secondary school tutoring

Long term academic support

Homework help

Exam revision

Preparation for resits


It works for a variety of needs and has so many benefits.

Not having to travel and being able to arrange sessions at times convenient to you are just 2  brilliant perks. Kids, so used to technology, often feel more comfortable behind a screen rather than face to face.

If your child needs more educationally , even just a little boost, online tutoring can be an awesome option and almost everywhere will run a trial session so you can see if the tutor is a good match for your child.


My son is off to uni to study classics in a few moneths – the result of us investing in his Latin. Who knew? I am so glad we supported his dream.


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