John Lewis reveal their top ten toys for Christmas 2012: Part 1

As you know Family Budgeting bloggers are huge toy lovers and big on Christmas too. And who doesn’t love John Lewis with their gorgeous stores, great offers and in store entertainment and their wonderful, can’t be beaten price match promise, Put all that together and you have the family budgeting view on the John Lewis top ten toys for Christmas 2012.

I was very lucky to go on Monday to a press event at John Lewis Nottingham where these toys were shown to us. They really are lovely. Classics like this dolls house

John Lewis Doll's House, Leckford House

John Lewis Doll’s House, Leckford House

mingled with old favourites like Lego £79.95

 Lego Creator Campervan

Both these toys are built to last and can certainly survive to the next generation and so are a good investment. Dolls houses in particular get years of play from the same child in many different ways as they develop. Lego of course remains the most popular UK toy.

For the younger Lego fan this Duplo Garage features too in the John Lewis top ten and reatils at £29.95

Lego Duplo My First Gas Station

I  love Fur Real toys and baby Butterscotch pony from FurReal Friends is a soft, cuddly, miniature pony that responds to your touch by moving her head and ears while making pony sounds just like the real thing. It’s so gorgeous. Personally I wouldn’t pay £99 for it but I know my daughter would want me too!

The only stocking filler item in their top ten toys if the hexbug nano £6.95

Hexbug Nano Christmas Edition, Assorted

If you  havent been introduced to these little battery operated bugs let me tell you they are FANTASTIC! they scurry about here and there, right themselves when they fall over and are tons of fun. I adore them! So do the kids (ahem!)


If I had to pick two of these I would go for the hexbug and for the dolls house becuase both are fun for lots of ages and stages and the dolls house would last years. My kids for sure would go for the lego camper and the fur real pony. My way would cost £90 +  less. Moral of this story DON’T ask the kids to do the shopping list!

I’ll be back next week with the next 5 of John Lewis’s top ten toys for Christmas.



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    October 25, 2012 / 20:35

    Ahh I LOVE John Lewis!

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