How to Keep the Kids Amused on Rainy Days

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 Due to the harsh winds and wet weather , families may find themselves spending more time indoors over the weekend and half term breaks and this may lead to bored children. Fortunately, there are many low-cost ways to give them something enjoyable to do. Here are some fun, budget craft ideas that are guaranteed to beat the rainy day boredom.


Make art from junk

 Making use of old bits and bobs around the house can be oddly therapeutic and is sure to amuse your kids for a few hours a day too. Everything from empty soup cans and plastic bottles can be used to beautiful effect with the right craft tools.

A soup can for instance can be painted and used as a pencil holder while old jam jars filled with coloured sand or marbles can be great decorative paper weights. A plastic drinks bottles, either large or small can also translate into a pretty makeshift vase too with a dash of paint and bright ribbons.


How to Keep the Kids Amused on Rainy Days

How to Keep the Kids Amused on Rainy Days


Pebble decorating

 Painting and decorating pebbles is such an easy and enjoyable pastime – and incredibly cheap too since pebbles and stones are so abundant. Wherever you can collect pebbles from – the beach, your garden or on the way home from school are all good places – wash them, buy a set of acrylic paints and let your imagination roam free.

Because pebbles come in all shape and sizes, the possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating them. A small oval shape may suit a ladybird or fish for example, while a long flat stone could depict a lion, cat or dog. Take a look at some amazing pebble designs with your kids to get inspired.



Make a pop-up book

 Pop-up books can be a tricky and fiddly craft to make but the resulting effort can be incredibly rewarding and will serve as a lovely memento for parents to cherish in the years to come. With nothing but scissors, glue and coloured paper, your child’s imagination can run riot since they can make the book as long and as detailed as they wish as they add more and more pages to the story. Once your child has mastered the art of making pop-up books, you could also encourage them to make unique birthday and Christmas cards for their relatives or teachers.


Hopefully, these budget craft ideas will have your children’s rainy days sorted.

On dull weather days, it can often become darker than usual, sapping most rooms of adequate natural light. To ensure your kids can play and read comfortably indoors, it may be wise to invest in a practical bedroom wall light to prevent them from straining their eyes in poor light. Scotlight Direct offer a wide selection of stylish yet practical wall and bedside lights – ideal for kids who love to paint, draw and get creative at their bedroom desk.


How to Keep the Kids Amused on Rainy Days is a feature post 

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