Kids and swimming – what helps

kids and swimming – what helps

Something brilliant happened this week.

No I’m not talking about Britains got Talent or the fact it was half term (though I do love both those things!)

My littlest learned to swim under water. She has been able to swim about 10 metres for a while but has been very fearful of getting her head under water. This week she has cracked it and is Very Proud of herself.

I would like to take the credit for instilling her with confidence . But I can’t. My entreaties to her to get her face wet never really made much difference she would just sulk and refuse. But this week she had a new teacher and he was AWESOME.

Over at   Konfidence you can buy these fabulous divestiks

kids and swimming what helps

and this she declares is what she now wants for her birthday. Dive stiks are designed to sink when dropped in water; they are intended as an aid to encourage submersion Kids pretend they are diving down for buried treasure. She will LOVE them!

She has been swimming now 3 times this week delighting in her new skill and wonders if I will take her again at the weekend!

I was just about to start her on some private lessons because I thought she wasn’t progressing in her group. The problem didn’t need money throwing at it though. 1 lesson and a new confident and creative teacher and my baby has a new skill. I’m as happy about it as she is!

And next time I’ll be quicker to change the teacher!


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