Kids birthday parties on a budget

Kids birthday parties can fill us with stress can’t they. It isn’t just the noise, the mess and the sandwich making – it’s the cost!



Money saving expert Sarah Willingham has worked with Coinstar to develop a range of exclusive tips that will make the most of our un-loved pennies, and luckily for us she tackles planning a party on a budget. So over to Sarah…..


Kids birthday parties on a budget

A survey by Coinstar revealed that households save on average £60 a year in loose change. When it comes round to hosting a child’s birthday party, don’t forget about your coin jars! The money you’ve saved can go towards party bags and food. Remember, making your own cakes and making bunting and decorations will cut the cost significantly. It might be a challenge to host a party on the coins you’ve saved, but it will be a satisfying result if you manage to do it!

When it comes to how many kids to invite, think in 8’s.  Most party packs (whether cups, bags, invites or cakes) come in packs of 8.  Invite ten children and you have to spend twice as much and will have LOADS of stuff left over

Invest in plastic tableware and buy in neutral colours like green or white so that you can wash and re-use for all of your kids.  You might spend a bit more the first year, but trust me, the investment is worth it.

Instead of party bags, do a craft activity like bag decoration, jewellery making or T-shirt design during the party and then let them take home their creations. If you do want to give them a treat, try a multi-pack of books and then divide them up. It’ll cost you less than £1 per child.

Great advice I am sure you will agree.

Coinstars campaign ‘Dust off your pennies’ is all about finding your loose change and getting it together to spend or save rather languish about the place being useless. Why not have a hunt down your sofa and in old handbags today..who knows what you might find.

If you didn’t know Coinstar machines are those change machines you often see in supermarkets that take your change and print you a voucher in return to save you lots and lods of adding up! Just click on the link to find your nearest coinstar machine



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