Looking after yourself

Sometimes you just need to treat your body well don’t you and give it some TLC.

A big part of my well being project is to take better care of myself. Having kids and starting a new career has led to a lot of neglect!

Along with my fitness my skin care regime has probably been the most seriously neglected aspect of my self care. I do nothing. I don’t even always take my make up off.

A friend of mine recently got some  focus dailies daily contact lenses that leave her free not to worry if she loses one, scratches one, etc as their is always a new pair for the next day. How fabulous.  Looking around the website I noticed that you could also get a microdermabrasion kit to use at home.

OOH this is what I needed to really sort my skin out!

I have always fancied having a microdermabrasion treatment but it always seemed too pricy. Doing it by myself at home seemed a much more ‘thrifty’ option.

proto-col – coral and collagen pack


This product was actually amazing . The microdermabrasion combination of crushed diamonds and pearls removes dead cells and adds a noticeably healthy shine to your skin and I have to say from day I this worked brilliantly. I looked really well. You use it every day for the first week and then once a week after that.  I’m just coming to the end of the first week and my skin looks really great.

The instant lift tackles wrinkles and fine lines, smoothing and plumping the skin to lessen or eliminate their visibility.The instant life was just fabulous and really plumped out my skin making it look dewy. You use this a couple of times each week.

It really did look like I had had a professional facial and I used only a tiny amount of product.


I would purchase these again.


They made me feel great.


Looking after my skin many just be a little step but taking that time out for myself and looking after myself is really healthy.

I was given the microdermabrasion kit for the purpose of review but my opinions are entirely my own.



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