Looking For Love: Valentine’s Day Bingo is Here

Valentine’s Day Bingo

The bingo boom has been pretty incredible over the last 12 months and thousands upon thousands of players have taken to the game, making for a lively and exciting community moving into 2021.

A number of brands have become prominent faces in the industry and as we move towards Valentine’s Day, one brand have created an extra-special bingo card for their players to enjoy.

Introducing Valentine’s Day bingo from Moon Bingo, a unique bingo card that delivers all the must-do and must-have things associated with Valentine’s Day onto one 5×5 grid. Yes, it’s your chance to take a break from the online bingo and bring your gameplay into the real world.


Valentine’s Day Bingo


Valentine’s Day Bingo

It’s perfect for playing with family and friends, allowing you to mark off the cards of your own Valentine’s Day until a winner is announced. There are a range of different circumstances and scenarios on there, from things everyone will be crossing off like watching romantic films or heart-shaped gifts, to slightly more intriguing ones such as being involved in a love triangle or the return of an ex.

Of course, we perhaps hope not all cards are marked off in some cases, but either way you can add that little bit more excitement to what is already the most romantic day of the year. Among the most notable things found on the grid include:


A Delivery Of Flowers

Perhaps more likely than ever before is the delivery of flowers given the current restrictions and delivery drivers up and down the country will be working hard to make sure those roses are handed to loved ones on time.


Engagements or Valentine’s Day Bingo

We expect a flurry of engagements this year as many people round off a year in lockdown together with a proposal. The gesture couldn’t be more romantic this year, and while you won’t be able to be particularly extravagant in any proposal, you’ll certainly know that person is the one after the trials and tribulations of the last 12 months.


Matching Outfits

Love them or hate them, there are two days of the year when matching outfits come out in full force, Christmas Day and Valentine’s Day. His and hers onesies will be the order of the day this year for a day in watching rom coms on the sofa. It’s so sickening it could be in a rom com!


The Love Triangle

Not a square on the grid that’ll enter the mainstream, but one that is certainly going to cause problems for at least a few people this year. The love triangle is always dramatic and even in virtual form it could be a chaotic one, with Zoom calls coming from all angles. It’s not one we’d want anyone to be marking off on a bingo card, but it’s on there nevertheless.


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