Lovely Gift Ideas for Families at Christmas

At Christmas some gifts that are given are for the family in general rather than one individual in particular   –   so i have here some lovely gift ideas for families at Christmas. My in laws for example like to buy us a hamper and I like that. I like that we will all benefit from it. When you go visiting I think taking a gift for the whole  family is a wonderful idea. and here are some of my suggestions for the kind of gifts you can give to a family that really will life a bit more special this Christmas.


Lovely Gift Ideas for Families at Christmas


I never ever tire of people bringing chocolate and I love to try something new. How about the new fruit and nut Toblerone (100g is £2.59)



pop candy

Toblerone Fruit & Nut (100g) 0

or the new sized single serve Tobelerone (just £1.19) . Both are just scrumptious! Or how about the popping candy mini chocolate orange segments at £2.13 a bag?

I highly rate and have welcomed them all to my house (and scoffed them too! ) . Chocolate is a cheap and cheerful gift to give to a whole family but one that always goes down a treat .

Bespoke photo cushions

Recently I had a photo I had taken turned into a photo photo cushion by Photo box and I can not begin to tell you how much this makes me smile when I walk into our lounge. It captures our summer garden and makes me smile and I love that it is unique to us. You can upload any photo you like. It is better to have stunning Christmas visuals, as it will add value to your creation.

What a precious gift and the cushions really are of a lovely quality. You can even choose what to write on them. Prices start form £26.99


A great new board game

Marmite Love it or Hate it is a fabulous new board game for all the family. It is all  about knowing and discovering your family and friends’ loves and hates. Should be full of laughs, suprises and misperceptions. A great gift to break the ice at a family gathering and one that includes everyone. Board games are brilliant for bringing all ages together and a new one is often a real treat.  £15.46


 Snuggly slippers

One of the greatest pleasures of Christmas for me is having a few days away from working, snuggling in with my family and truly relaxing. Time for comfy slippers.  Aldi recently sent me these snuggly socks and slippers to review and I have to say they are rather lovely. Who knew Aldi sold slippers!? Not me.

A lovely treat for the family to have new slippers and PJs something we always try and do on Christmas Eve.

Lovely Gift Ideas for Families at Christmas

Photo Calendar

And how about a photo calendar? This sis something I have done for my in laws each year and they have loved it. Over at Stressfreeprint you can easily and quickly make a personalized wall calendar. Gifts like this always go down a treat.

Relaxation CD

Last but not least I  think  a bit of relaxation goes down a treat so how about a relaxation cd? I have been listening to Untangle your Mind by Antonia Boyle and it really is relaxing. A different Christmas gift but one that will be much appreciated I am sure.  £10

relaxation training

Well I hope this rather eclectic set of gift ideas will get you thinking. It is nice to buy a family gift (and cheaper than buying individual gifts) and sometimes something a little bit quirky can be just the ticket!


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