Lovely things to see and do in Tenerife

Lovely things to see and do in Tenerife

So I have been to Lanzarote and to Fueteventura and I have been to Gran Canaria. I have never yet made it to Tenerife though and I long to. I have heard some lovely things about the place.

Terrific Tenerife

Did you know….

It is the largest of all 7 of the Canary Islands.

It is actually the most populated Island in all of Spain.

It has the third largest volcano in the world called El Teide.

It’s capital city is Santa Cruz.

5 million tourists a year visit (blimey it must be a bit special!)

What we would like to do there

It has been described to me by friends who have visited it as ‘sunny’ gorgeous’ friendly welcoming stunning and beautiful and breathtaking.’ Many of my friends have returned again and again.

I cannot wait to visit with my family.

Some of things I would like us to visit when we are there include the following:

El Bollullo beach  is a gorgeous isolated beach covered in fine volcanic sand considered to be one of the very best in Tenerife.

I would definitely want to visit the Tiede National Park too and ride the cable car to the summit. This does of course depend on weather conditions which you can check here Web Tenerife – Weather forecast per districts in Tenerife

You can of course walk to the summit (but it takes six long gruelling hours!)

I would also love for us to be able to visit the Santa Cruz Palmetum which is a special botanic garden absolutely full of palm trees from all over the world. Apparently the views from this Palmetum are astoundingly beautiful too.

For my children Aqualand looks amazing and such a fun way to spend a sunny day and surely all those slides would wear them out!

There are also wineries to visit and a huge variety of eateries. There are gorgeous villages and hamlets to visit too all over the island and a wealth of shopping outlets.

Definitely a location on our must visit list  and one for all the family.


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