10 good reasons to Christmas shop online

christmas eve

Over the last few years I have done more and more of my gift shopping online. In particular I have done more of my Christmas shop online.  It has many perks. Here are my top 10 reasons to Christmas shop online

1) My number one reason to avoid going to the shops near Christmas is queues. I am not a fan of queues, people moaning and groaning and sticking their elbows in your side. Oh no that is not for me!

2) It’s warmer and cosier to sit with your laptop, slippers on and hot chocolate in hand and do your shopping rather than venturing out in the cold. Brr.

3) Shopping online allows you to visit a whole load of shop s in the time it could take you to visit one on foot. Shopping online can be a much quicker option.

4) Shops are tempting purposefully and are laid out and designed to encourage you to buy with smells, music and visual displays. it is different online and much easier to stay focused on what you have actually searched for.

5) You can get cashback on online purchases which is fabulous, being paid to shop is everyone’s idea of a good time right?!  If you are really savvy and join up with a saving site like Paidshop.com and introduce a friend, you will also get paid out every time they earn cashback from shopping too. They also have a comparison tool that means you’re sure to get the best deal possible.

6) You can compare prices online so easily yet its really not feasible to visit 20 physical shops to see which is the cheapest

7) Voucher codes for discounts in a huge variety of stores can be speedily searched for online and you can make great savings

8) If you need a break whilst shopping online  grab yourself a quick coffee and a snack from you are kitchen if you are out and about having a pit stop is even more expense

9) You can do it in your pyjamas at midnight if you need to. So you don’t need to take a day off work or waste your weekend.

10) Last but not least the very best thing about shopping online is you don’t have to carry loads of bags, deal with overcrowded buses or wait ages to park your car. You can relax and let someone do all the fetching a carrying for you !





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