Make St. George’s Day a New Family Tradition with These Fantastic Yet Frugal Ideas

St. George’s falls on a Sunday this year, so why not do something out of the ordinary and fun to help shake off the wintertime blues?  Celebrating St. George’s day offer’s something to everyone in the whole family.  The kids get to hear fascinating stories about dragons, knights, and princesses, and the adults can indulge in a little English ale guilt free (it’s what St. George would have wanted!).  Here are a few wallet-friendly ideas that can turn this St. George’s Day from a normal, lazy Sunday into a beloved family tradition!


  1. Arts and Crafts

  Make St. George’s Day a New Family Tradition with These Fantastic Yet Frugal Ideas


Turn a Sunday at home into an adventure by doing a bit of crafting and baking.  Knight’s helmets and princess caps are easy enough to make out of simple household materials like old shoe boxes and construction paper, and paper chain dragons can be made and hung all around the house.  When you get hungry, bake up some biscuits or cupcakes and decorate them with English flags, dragons and castles.


  1. Brunch with The Beatles

Nothing satisfies the ears and the stomach more than a classic English breakfast and England’s most loved band, The Beatles.  Even if you go all out, the ingredients for a typical English breakfast are quite cheap (beans, toast, potatoes, a bit of bacon…) and you can access The Beatles entire catalogue on Apple Music for free by signing up for a trial to the service.


  1. A Day on the Town


We usually save the sightseeing for when we go on holiday, which means there’s probably a lot you don’t know about your own town or city.  Take the day and head to a local museum, battlefield or heritage centre in your area.  There might be a lot of interesting things to discover, and the kids will be fascinated about what happened on their very doorstep.  On the way home, order or pick up a takeaway from a classic English chip shop to finish the day off right!


  1. English Flag Murals

Grab some finger paint and turn a few old towels into English flags.  Then, encourage the children to paint something they love about England in each of the four corners.  Put some suggestions in a hat and have them pick them out one by one.  You’ll probably need to accompany some of them with interesting stories, while others should be things that they already know of but may not have known that they were English.  Don’t forget to include the legend of St. George!


  1. Erect a Blanket Castle



All you need for this activity is your imagination… Oh, and you might need to dismantle your beds and sofas, but it’ll be worth it!  Design and build a huge blanket castle with cushions, blankets and mattresses, and then spend the afternoon inside telling stories about the days of chivalry and lore.  Claim the fort as your own by learning your family crest hanging drawings of it all over the castle walls.  No dragons allowed!







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