Nature themed weddings

Nature themed weddings are the best

In the midst of the holidays, brides-to-be are already focused on 2017 and their wedding plans. One of the top wedding trends for 2017 is a fresh take on nature. From photos, to cakes, to wedding table décor, this trend is bringing much-needed warmth and style.


Nature themed weddings


The bright metallic colours that were so popular in 2016 are being replaced with metallic with a subtler sheen for the coming year. These pair beautifully with the bits of natural materials we’re seeing in the décor and work well with or without the outdoor venues that have become so popular. If you’re planning your big day, or just want to know what trends are on the horizon, here is what you need to know.


Wave Hello to  Nature themed Wedding Pictures

Wedding photographs taken outdoors has been popular for a few years. For 2017, expect to see more couples interacting with nature. Instead of couples standing in front scenic backdrops of sunsets, rolling hillsides, or waterfalls, expect nature to become an active part of the scene. We’re loving first look pictures and staging those magical moments outside adds a special touch of drama. Couples touching from either side of a tree and the bride sneaking up behind the groom while he’s at a scenic overlook are some of our new favourite images.


Flowers for Nature themed weddings

Today’s bouquets and floral arrangements for the ceremony and reception are also getting an update. Except to see more greenery, twigs, and wood added to the mix. These add a cosy feel to the event while remaining formal. They can also be used to add even more “pop” to colourful elements in your wedding.


Nature themed weddings


Cakes for Nature themed weddings

The slick surfaces of geometric patterns cakes are being replaced with inspiration from nature. While flowers have always been a classic for wedding cakes, the new trend is to replace former roses with wildflower. Romantic vines circle cakes and adorn the table. Rather than slick expanses of fondant, modern cakes are highlighting texture and pattern. With subtler neutral colours paired with the warmth of nature, the result is a glamourous, sophisticated look, filled with style.


Table Décor for Nature themed weddings

Rather than the giant centrepieces of the past and metallic tablecloths on every table, we’re seeing more emphasis on an overall coordinated look for the tables. With extra bling for the head table, the touches of wood add a great contrast to the slick surfaces of the dishes and glassware. The natural look in coordinated wedding table decorations can also provide keepsakes that will look stylish years from now.


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  1. August 11, 2017 / 09:59

    Flowers and cakes are both necessities to weddings. 🙂 I appreciate this post because it made updated of what’s new this 2017 in weddings. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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