These 10 Wedding Hairstyles Will Be The Most Popular in 2020

Today’s post – 10 Wedding Hairstyles Will Be The Most Popular in 2020

Wedding Hairstyles Will Be The Most Popular in 2020


10 Wedding Hairstyles Will Be The Most Popular in 2020

Wedding hairstyles these days have gone from stuck up and too polished to carefree and graceful. The new trends in hairstyle are more playful, yet royal; making the bride look feminine, effortless, and chic. We can take a cue from Kate Middleton, and down to Meghan Markle, as they redefined royalty.

We’ll see a lot of wedding hairstyles long hair like bridal updos, chignons, tousled, messy, and chic braids. Etc. Accessories will also be unique and minimal because experts say it’s all about hair texture this year. Lets take a look at Wedding Hairstyles Will Be The Most Popular in 2020 – which one is your favourite?


  1. Sensual ponytails

One of the simple wedding hairstyles that melts our hearts in 2019 is the sensual ponytails. It’s been well redefined and gives refreshing choices, says Brittan White. They range from high and messy to low ponytails with volume and texture. Ponytail bridal style for wedding helps keep the hair off your face in a graceful way. It also compliments, frames, and elongates silhouette of wedding gowns. To accessorize, fix on stud pins on one side, or use a headpiece at the base of the ponytail. This is definitely my favouirite of all Wedding Hairstyles Will Be The Most Popular in 2020


  1. Center part low bun

A darling of the fashion runways, these types of wedding hairstyles are for the minimalist and elegant brides. They’re cool, chic, classic, and very comfortable. The center part low bun doesn’t need so much fuss, even when accessorizing its beauty is in its simplicity. Tiny stud earrings, pearl hairpins which are aphrodisiacs, according to Jennifer Behr, or side headpiece will do.


  1. Accessorized loose chignon

Loose chignons, adorned with jaw sweeping hair accessories, will trend in 2019 says Claire Balest. Accessories are the alternative replacement for veils. And Brittan white says the focus is more on the accessories than the hairstyle. So, keep a loose chignon, and accessorize.


  1. Textured and twisted

The textured and twisted hairstyles for brides stick between updos and a half up styles. They are boho, chic, simple and glamorous for 2019. File handful of hair and make into an updo or half up. Twist the rest side hair and run it across the updo or half up. This transforms the bride’s look in an instant. Accessorize with hair vines that run the length of the twists. You may also use a statement headpiece or adorn with pins along with the twists. If you have a veil, fix it on the twisted part, says Renee Feldman.


  1. Simply messy

A simple girl doesn’t care. This look is one a bride can wear, up or down. Easy to maintain, glamorous and chic, it stands any weather. Perfect for beach and outdoor weddings.


  1. Tousled, soft waves

This is one of the beautiful hairstyles for weddings that screams “I woke up like this!” The best part is that it looks so sensual and beautiful in pictures. Put the hair into curls and let it set through the morning. This helps it last for the duration of the wedding. If the hair isn’t one for holding curls, fill it with extensions for more texture and curl firming. For this style, accessories are its plug.


  1. Cool girl braids

If you’re the girl next door who loves to leave her hair in braids, why change it for the wedding? It’s all about you and what you’re comfortable with. Braids are popular wedding hairstyles which one can switch up a bit. You can rock it in modern and romantic or bohemian chic. Find your best style of braid and switch it up. Hair vine accessories will give the perfect finish to this look.


  1. Classic chic buns

The classic chic buns keep reinventing itself, from way back to 2019. No surprise if it trends in wedding hairstyles 2020. This is a chic and effortless look that pours attention on the bridal gown and makeup. Use smoothing products, then hairspray to reduce the volume, soften and shine it.


  1. Soft waves

This will be one of the most popular wedding hairstyles for 2019. Perfect for long and medium-sized hair. It comes in variations from the polished low set Hollywood waves to textured and voluminous messy waves with a bohemian twist. Pull the hair behind the ears, flip to the side, or side part and hold down with an ornamental comb. One of the modern and simple wedding hairstyles that is timeless.


Wedding Hairstyles Will Be The Most Popular in 2020

  1. Messy updos

Claire Balest says for this style, trim the front tresses to suit. Messy bridal updos are simply twists between textured ponytails and messy buns. So, texturize before styling to give it volume. Spray texturing products the roots of the hair till the middle, then style to match. Bring attention to the updo by pinning studs to it. It’s a boho-chic look.

Wedding Hairstyles Will Be The Most Popular in 2020


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These wedding hairstyles are trendy, effortlessly chic, simple, and evergreen. Look up this list and pick a style for the wedding. I hope you  have enjoyed this post on Wedding Hairstyles Will Be The Most Popular in 2020



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