How much better is filtered water for your family?

How much better is filtered water


How much better is filtered water

Have you wondered how much better is filtered water for you and your family? Keeping yourself and your family hydrated is very important, especially in the warmer months. An average adult is supposed to drink a minimum of eight glasses of water a day or more depending on their daily activities. However, it is not just the amount of water we need to drink, but also the kind of water we are drinking that is important. Experts recommend filtered water versus regular tap water because it is safer to drink but is still economical and environmentally friendly


Filtered water is a type of water that has been through the process of filtration to remove the impurities such as harmful chemicals and toxins that regular tap water may contain. According to research done by the Environmental Water Group, tap water has over 300 chemicals and pollutants, including volatile organic chemicals that would damage the liver and kidneys; endocrine disrupting chemicals that can cause ectopic pregnancies; heavy metals such as lead and mercury; and fluoride that has been linked to various thyroid problems. While governments in different countries have regulations on water filtration in use for tap water, the problem lies in the underwater pipes or your home’s plumbing. You cannot be too sure that they are safe from the harmful chemicals mentioned above.


Bottled water?

If you’re a regular buyer of bottled water, then investing in a quality water filter for your home is not just good for your health but also good for your budget. There are various filtering treatments that you could install in your home; and two of the most popular treatments on the market are activated carbon and reverse osmosis.

Activated carbon is the most common and inexpensive type of filter in home treatment systems. The carbon attracts and absorbs particles in the water, making the contaminants stick on the filtering carbon screen. It can be mounted under the sink or on the faucet. Ordinary activated carbon filters can remove heavy metals, parasites and methyltert-butyl ether from the water but top of the range countertop filters such as the Aquakleen Countertop Carbon Filter from The Water People can also remove rust, scale, hair and other suspended contaminants at an easy push of a button.

On the other hand, reverse osmosis is one of the most effective and costly water filter treatment system on the market. It uses pressure to water through a semi-permeable membrane to remove all contaminants. The Watermaker Mini is the first faucet-mounted reverse osmosis water system on the market and it produces high quality drinking water in a simple and easy way for the consumer. All you have to do is to attach the device to your faucet and you can detach it when not in use.

While it is better to drink tap water than no water at all, it’s safe to say that filtered water is more likely to be the safest option for your family – and with the new water filters out today, they don’t have to be a major expense either!


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  1. February 6, 2017 / 22:45

    Thank you for sharing this information about water filters! It is so much better to NOT get water bottles do to the harmfulness to nature.

  2. April 3, 2019 / 04:50

    Thank for sharing this article. For my family is 100% better to use a water filter.

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